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Simple peer2peer library.

Project description


I seek a library that can make a simple P2P network.
This library enables you create P2P application.


  • Asynchronous IO
  • Pure Python code
  • TCP and UDP connection
  • Automatic network build
  • Python3.6+

How to install

warning: Destructive change from 3.0.0

pip3 install --user p2p-python>=3.0.0

How to use

basic usage with debug tool aiomonitor.
install by pip3 install --user aiomonitor.

from p2p_python.utils import setup_p2p_params, setup_logger
from p2p_python.server import Peer2Peer, Peer2PeerCmd
import logging
import asyncio
import aiomonitor
import time
loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
# setup Peer2Peer
    network_ver=11111,  # (int) identify other network
    p2p_port=2000, # (int) P2P listen port
    p2p_accept=True, # (bool) switch on TCP server
    p2p_udp_accept=True, # (bool) switch on UDP server
p2p = Peer2Peer(listen=100)  # allow 100 connection
# close method example
def close():
    loop.call_later(1.0, loop.stop)
# You can setup DirectDmd method
class DirectCmd(object):
    async def what_is_your_name(user, data):
        print("what_is_your_name", user, data)
        return {"you return": time.time()}
    async def get_time_now(user, data):
        print("get_time_now", user, data)
        return {"get time now": time.time()}
# register methods for DirectCmd
# throw cmd by `await p2p.send_direct_cmd(DirectCmd.what_is_your_name, 'kelly')`
# or `await p2p.send_direct_cmd('what_is_your_name', 'kelly')`
# You can setup broadcast policy (default disabled)
# WARNING: You must set strict policy or will be broken by users
async def broadcast_check_normal(user, data):
    return True
# overwrite method
p2p.broadcast_check = broadcast_check_normal
# setup netcat monitor
local = locals().copy()
local.update({k: v for k, v in globals().items() if not k.startswith('__')})'local', list(local.keys()))
aiomonitor.start_monitor(loop, port=3000, locals=local)"you can connect by `nc 3000`")
# start event loop
# close by `close()` on netcat console
except KeyboardInterrupt:"closing")






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