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Upgrade python project from paddle-1.x to paddle-2.0

Project description

Upgrade your python model from paddle-1.x to paddle-2.

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paddle1to2 aims to convert python files from paddle-1.x to paddle-2 one by one, it won't handle indirect imports. e.g.

# filename ""
import paddle.fluid as fluid

# filename ""
from a import *
class MyLayer(fluid.layers.Layer):

fluid.layers.Layer in "" won't get converted. So you have to make sure you have import all used paddle modules, classes, objects directly for every python file before running paddle1to2.


paddle1to2 support Linux, Mac OS, Windows(Git Bash is recommended), but it requires Python 3.5.4 or higher to run. Multi-Process is supported for Linux and Mac OS, Single-Process is support for Windows, this will lead to performance difference.

  1. install with pip
pip install -U paddle1to2
paddle1to2 --help # show help
paddle1to2 --inpath /path/to/ # upgrade your model from paddle-1.x to paddle-2.0

ATTENTION: If your device contains multiple versions of python, you may need to run the following commands instead:

python3 -m pip install -U paddle1to2
python3 -m paddle1to2 -h
python3 -m paddle1to2 --inpath /path/to/
  1. install from source
git clone
cd paddle1to2
python sdist bdist_wheel
pip install -U ./dist/paddle1to2-*.whl
paddle1to2 --help # show help
paddle1to2 --inpath /path/to/ # upgrade your model from paddle-1.x to paddle-2.0


If you are a develop, and you want to test your code quickly, you can run the following command in project directory:

python -m paddle1to2 --inpath /path/to/


python paddle1to2/ --inpath /path/to/

Moreover, if you want to run a specific refactor, you can use the following command:

python -m paddle1to2 --inpath /path/to/ --refactor <refactor_name>

use python -m paddle1to2 -h to see full list of all refactors.

if you want to run all unittest, use command:

python -m unittest discover paddle1to2/tests/
# or
python test

or use command:

python -m unittest paddle1to2/tests/

to run specific test file.

Change Spec

change_spec is a python dict defined in, it defines the rules to refactor your code.

change_spec = {
    "": {
        "alias": [
        "update_to": "",
        "warning": "this api is deprecated.",
        "args_list": ["arg1", "arg2"],
        "args_change": [
                ["arg2", "arg2_rename"],
                ["arg3", ""],
                ["", "new_arg", "default_value"],
        "args_warning": {"arg1":"warning message"},
        "args_transformer": "_default_transformer",
  • alias: a list of alias of main alias, all alias will be replaced with main alias.
  • update_to: will be replaced with this new api if specified.
  • warning: print specified warning message when is found. This field will be ignored if update_to is specified.
  • args_list: is argument list of
  • args_change: a list of list. It contains following format:
    • ["arg", "new_arg"]: rename a argument, e.g. func(arg=value) -> func(new_arg=value)
    • ["arg", ""]: remove a argument, e.g. func(arg=value) -> func()
    • ["", "new_arg", "default_value"]: add a new argument, e.g. func(arg=value) -> func(arg=value, new_arg=default_value)
  • args_warning: print specified warning message for specified argument after apply args_change.
  • args_transformer: execute customized transformer on an AST node, it will be called after applying args_change to do further refactor.

Other Tools

  1. find pattern of specific code snippet, usage:
find_pattern 'import paddle'

find_pattern command will traverse all nodes in AST, if you see code snippet you want, type in 'y' to get pattern.

  1. find match node in specific code for specific pattern, usage:
find_match_node -ss 'import paddle' -ps 'any'

you can also specify "--print-results" option to got representation of matched node, specify "--print-lineno" to got line number of matched code.


  • Bowler: Safe code refactoring for modern Python projects.
  • lib2to3: A built-in python library to refactor python code.
  • fissix: A backport of latest lib2to3, with enhancements.

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