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A helper class/SDK to enable developers easily integrate Paga Collect API

Project description

Paga Collect Python library

The Paga Collect API allows anyone to initiate a payment request to a third party and automatically get notified when the payment request is fulfilled. This library makes it easier and faster for developers to integrate the API

1. Installation

Make sure you have pip installed, then run the command below

pip install paga-collect

2. Usage

Once installed to use the library see sample code below:

from paga_collect import Collect;

principal = "public_key"
credentials = "private"
hash_key = "hash_key"

collect = Collect(principal, credentials, hash_key, False)

Paga Collect API Operations

Now that you have created a collect api object you easily call its operations

Request Payment

Register a new request for payment between a payer and a payee. Once a payment request is initiated successfully, the payer is notified by the platform (this can be suppressed) and can proceed to authorize/execute the payment. Once the payment is fulfilled, a notification is sent to the supplied callback URL. See the callback notification section for more details.
To make a payment request see sample code below:

payment_request_payload = {
    "referenceNumber": "6020000011z",
    "amount": "100",
    "currency": "NGN",
    "payer": {
        "name": "John Doe",
        "phoneNumber": "07033333333",
        "bankId": "3E94C4BC-6F9A-442F-8F1A-8214478D5D86"
    "payee": {
        "name": "Payee Tom",
        "accountNumber": "1188767464",
        "bankId": "40090E2F-7446-4217-9345-7BBAB7043C4C",
        "bankAccountNumber": "0000000000",
        "financialIdentificationNumber": "03595843212"
    "expiryDateTimeUTC": "2021-05-27T00:00:00",
    "isSuppressMessages": "true",
    "payerCollectionFeeShare": "0.5",
    "recipientCollectionFeeShare": "0.5",
    "isAllowPartialPayments": "true",
    "callBackUrl": "http://localhost:9091/test-callback",
    "paymentMethods": ["BANK_TRANSFER", "FUNDING_USSD"]

response = collect.payment_request(payment_request_payload)

Register Persistent Payment Account

An operation for business to create Persistent Payment Account Numbers that can be assigned to their customers for payment collection.
To create a persistent payment account see sample code below:

register_persistent_payment_account_payload = {
    "referenceNumber": "test123451",
    "phoneNumber": "07022222222",
    "accountName": "Joh Doe",
    "firstName": "John",
    "lastName": "Doe",
    "email": "",
    "accountReference": "22222222222220",
    "financialIdentificationNumber": "22182799077",
    "callbackUrl": "http://localhost:9091/test-callback"

response = collect.register_persistent_payment_account(register_persistent_payment_account_payload)

Query Status

Query the current status of a submitted request
To check the status of a submitted request see sample code below:

status_payload = {"referenceNumber": "82000001109", }

response = collect.get_status(status_payload)

Query History

Get payment requests for a period between given start and end dates. The period window should not exceed 1 month.
See sample code below:

history_payload = {
    "referenceNumber": "82000001109",
    "startDateTimeUTC" : "2021-05-13T19:15:22",
    "endDateTimeUTC" : "2021-05-20T19:15:22"

response = collect.get_history(history_payload)

Get Banks

Retrieve a list of supported banks and their complementary unique ids on the bank. This is required for populating the payer (optional) and payee objects in the payment request model.
See usage sample code below:

banks_payload = {"referenceNumber": "0001109"}

response = collect.get_banks(status_payload)

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