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Paho's MQTT dev Toolkit

Project description

Paho's MQTT toolkit

Welcome to Paho's MQTT Toolkit.

For who? and why?

This toolkit if for those who have gone through the documentation of the Paho's MQTT library and its examples and, like me, have felt that the API is somehow off and complicated to onboard applications.

I, personally, like Paho's MQTT library and I don't wish to replace it in anyway. However, I want to write applications that in a way, are familiar to the frameworks I use, e.g., Flask or Sanic. And therefore, abstracting the underlying implementation by using a solid configuration base with a simplified API.

What's the base configuration?

The base configuration of this toolkit uses Paho's event loop implementation by using the start_loop and stop_loop methods and creating a single entrypoint method that accepts different configuration parameters, start_async.

Simple Usage

For more examples refer to the examples directory.

import time

from paho.mqtt.client import Client

from pahotoolkit import (

from my_settings import (

def handle_temperature(mqtt_client: Client, userdata, message):
    print(f'Got {message}')

@json_message()  # by default, non-json messages in the topic are ignored
def listen_my_topic(payload: dict, *args, **kwargs):
    # todo: do something with the payload

def client_connected(mqtt_client: Client, *args, **kwargs):
    """Publish something on_connect."""
    mqtt_client.publish('/clients', 'Paho\'s MQTT toolkit message!')

# log_config =>
# the default MQTT Client uses the default's MQTT Client constructor
def main():
    client: Client = start_async(host=HOST, port=PORT,  # port default to 1883 if not given
                                 username=USERNAME, password=PASSWORD,  # optional fields
                                 initialize=False, log_config=LOG_CONFIG)  # optional fields

    init(client)  # only required if initialize=False, else by default is automatically called

    while True:
        time.sleep(1)  # or do something in this thread...

if __name__ == '__main__':


Arnulfo Solis

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