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Python module to gracefully handle a .config file/environment variables for scripts, with built in masking for sensitive options. Provides a Splunk friendly formatted logger instance.

Project description


This package provides:

  • Functionality to read user variables from a config.yml or environment variables.
  • A convenient default logging formatter printing json that can save to disk and rotate.
  • Utility functions.




If skip_header_init=True then the config_path will not use the header_variable as the sub-directory in the config_path.


CONFIG = panaetius.Config("tembo", "~/tembo/.config", skip_header_init=True)

Will look in ~/tembo/config/config.yml.

If skip_header_init=False then would look in ~/tembo/config/tembo/config.yml.


Convenient to place in a package/sub-package

See Tembo for an example:

Example snippet to use in a module:

"""Subpackage that contains the CLI application."""

import os
from typing import Any

import panaetius
from panaetius.exceptions import LoggingDirectoryDoesNotExistException

if (config_path := os.environ.get("TEMBO_CONFIG")) is not None:
    CONFIG: Any = panaetius.Config("tembo", config_path, skip_header_init=True)
    CONFIG = panaetius.Config(
        "tembo", "~/tembo/.config", skip_header_init=True

panaetius.set_config(CONFIG, "base_path", "~/tembo")
panaetius.set_config(CONFIG, "template_path", "~/tembo/.templates")
panaetius.set_config(CONFIG, "scopes", {})
panaetius.set_config(CONFIG, "logging.level", "DEBUG")
panaetius.set_config(CONFIG, "logging.path")

    logger = panaetius.set_logger(
        CONFIG, panaetius.SimpleLogger(logging_level=CONFIG.logging_level)
except LoggingDirectoryDoesNotExistException:
    _LOGGING_PATH = CONFIG.logging_path
    CONFIG.logging_path = ""
    logger = panaetius.set_logger(
        CONFIG, panaetius.SimpleLogger(logging_level=CONFIG.logging_level)
    logger.warning("Logging directory %s does not exist", _LOGGING_PATH)

This means in ./tembo/cli/ you can

import tembo.cli

# access the CONFIG instance + variables from the config.yml


Create ./config/config.yml in the same directory as the script.

In the script initialise a CONFIG object:

import pathlib

import panaetius

CONFIG = panaetius.Config(
    "teenagers_scraper", str(pathlib.Path(__file__).parents[0] / ".config"), skip_header_init=True

Set variables in the same way as the module above.

quickstart logging

import panaetius

def get_logger():
    logging_dir = pathlib.Path(__file__).parents[0] / "logs"
    logging_dir.mkdir(parents=True, exist_ok=True)

    CONFIG = panaetius.Config("training_data_into_gcp", skip_header_init=True)
    panaetius.set_config(CONFIG, "logging.level", "DEBUG")
    panaetius.set_config(CONFIG, "logging.path", logging_dir)
    return panaetius.set_logger(CONFIG, panaetius.SimpleLogger(logging_level=CONFIG.logging_level))

Utility Functions


Squashes a json object or Python dictionary into a single level dictionary.

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