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A pipeflow calculation tool that complements pandapower in the simulation of multi energy grids

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A pipeflow calculation tool that complements pandapower in the simulation of multi energy grids, in particular heat and gas networks. More information can be found on

Getting started:

pandapipes is a development of the Department for Distribution System Operation at the Fraunhofer Institute for Energy Economics and Energy System Technology (IEE), Kassel.

We welcome contributions to pandapipes of any kind - if you want to contribute, please check out the pandapipes contribution guidelines.

Change Log

[0.2.0] - 03.09.2020

  • [ADDED] added the pipeflow option “reuse_internal_data” which allows to reuse the system matrix from one pipeflow to the next in combination with “only_update_hydraulic_matrix” - useful for timeseries calculations

  • [ADDED] hydrogen properties

  • [ADDED] Swamee-Jain friction model

  • [ADDED] test networks (water) for Swamee-Jain friction model

  • [ADDED] further explanation in the documentation, e.g. on heating networks and time series / controller

  • [ADDED] heating network and time series tutorials

  • [ADDED] enable net loading built in different pandapipes versions

  • [ADDED] carry over new artificial coordinate functions from pandapower

  • [ADDED] functionality to create_networkx graph for pandapipes networks

  • [ADDED] tests for connected components searches in pandapipes networks

  • [CHANGED] property files for bi-atomic gases

  • [CHANGED] make ppipe_hook serializable and inherit from pp_hook by using decorators

  • [CHANGED] changed column “controller” in controller table to “object”

  • [CHANGED] changes in run_control/run_time_series for better pandapower code reusability like using initial_run variable instead of initial_pipeflow

  • [CHANGED] names of parameters for regression function in pump

  • [CHANGED] pressure lift for pumps is now always >= 0

  • [CHANGED] on reverse flow, the pressure lift for pumps is 0

  • [CHANGED] add_fluid_to_net is now a private function (usually the wrapper create_fluid_from_lib should be used)

  • [FIXED] direction of pump in the water test network ‘versatility’ for OpenModelica

  • [FIXED] accurate calculation of v in get_internal_results for pipes

  • [FIXED] enable loading of nets containing controller

[0.1.2] - 2020-06-05

  • [ADDED] allow pipeflow for empty net (with no results)

  • [ADDED] tests for plotting

  • [ADDED] new toolbox functions and tests

  • [ADDED] get… methods for fluids

  • [ADDED] tutorial, documentation and tests for heat networks

  • [CHANGED] default column for controllers changed from controller to object

  • [CHANGED] deepcopy (now in ADict) and repr of pandapipes net + fluid

  • [CHANGED] improved plotting: respect in_service

  • [CHANGED] for fluids, comp, molar_mass and der_comp are now read from .txt-files and are no longer hardcoded

  • [CHANGED] pandapipes.toolbox renamed to pandapipes.internals_toolbox

  • [FIXED] np.isclose comparison instead of ‘p_from != p_to’ in pipe_component to allow for computational inaccuracy

[0.1.1] - 2020-04-03

  • [ADDED] badges for pypi and versions

  • [CHANGED] result table initialization now in most cases only contains one DF creation call #42

  • [CHANGED] from pandapower tempdir to pytest tmp_path in test

  • [CHANGED] default orientation of sink and source collections to avoid overlapping

  • [FIXED] missing images and typos in documentation

[0.1.0] - 2020-03-18

  • first release of pandapipes

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