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Linter for contributing to pandas

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Plugin for flake8 used to contribute to pandas.

NOTE: this is not a linter meant for pandas usage, but for pandas development. If you want a linter for pandas usage, please see pandas-vet.


pip install pandas-dev-flaker

flake8 codes

Code Description
PDF001 found import from '' (use 'from collections import abc')
PDF002 builtin 'filter' function used
PDF003 builtin 'exec' function used
PDF004 'foo.__class__' used, (use 'type(foo)' instead)
PDF005 leading space in concatenated strings
PDF006 Found '{foo!r}' formatted value (instead, use 'repr(foo)')
PDF007 line split in two unnecessarily by 'black' formatter
PDF008 found 'os.remove' (use 'tm.ensure_clean' instead)
PDF009 'pytest.raises' used without 'match='
PDF010 'pytest.raises' used outside of context manager
PDF011 found 'pytest.warns' (use 'pandas._testing.assert_produces_warning')
PDF012 found 'pytest.xfail' (use 'pytest.mark.xfail' instead)
PDF013 import from 'conftest' found
PDF014 found import from 'pandas._testing' (use 'import pandas._testing as tm')
PDF015 from import from 'pandas.testing' (use 'import pandas._testing as tm')
PDF016 found 'unittest.mock' (use 'pytest.monkeypatch' instead)
PDF017 'pd.api.types' used (import from 'pandas.api.types' instead)
PDF018 'common' imported from 'pandas.core' without 'com' alias
PDF019 found both '' and 'foo' in the same file
PDF020 found private import across modules
PDF021 found 'np.bool' or 'np.object' (use 'np.bool_' or 'np.object_' instead)
PDF022 found import from 'numpy.random'
PDF023 found assignment to single-letter variable
PDF024 found string join() with generator expressions
PDF025 found 'np.testing' or 'np.array_equal' (use 'pandas._testing' instead)
PDF026 found union between Series and AnyArrayLike in type hint


See for how to get started.

Each new linting rule should be its own file inside pandas-dev-flaker/_plugins. Please linting rule should have two sets of tests in pandas-dev-flaker/tests - one for when the linting rule is expected to pass, and another for when it's expected to fail.


Several methods are simplified versions of methods from pyupgrade. Some of the checks were taken from the pandas repo. Please find both their licenses in the LICENSES folder.

as a pre-commit hook

See pre-commit for instructions

Sample .pre-commit-config.yaml:

-   repo:
    rev: 3.9.0
    -   id: flake8
        additional_dependencies: [pandas-dev-flaker==0.5.0]

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