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A pandoc filter to allow a markdown way of using notes for latex beamer presentations.

Project description

Warning: This package only exists for legacy reasons, do not use it anymore!

Instead, use pandoc’s built-in mechanism for note slides:

# My frame
<div class="notes">
My **Notes**:

- Don't use any filters, unless they are useful!
- This is all still in *pandoc*


# My next Frame ...

And compile with

pandoc -t beamer -V classoption=notes ...

Thanks to Norman Markgraf to make me aware of this and providing the simple example above.

For more information check out shoeffner/pandoc-beamer-notes#3.

Legacy usage

pandoc-beamer-notes is a panflute pandoc filter. It allows to use markdown in LaTeX notes.

Thus something like the following will be rendered nicely:

\note{**this is bold**}
* a list
* is also possible

See the example for a simple presentation containing notes.

Remember to compile your documents with the notes enabled for beamer:

pandoc -t beamer -V classoption=notes ...


Just use pip to install it from pypi.

pip install pandoc-beamer-notes

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pandoc-beamer-notes-0.1.2.tar.gz (3.7 kB view hashes)

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