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Jupyter support for Pants projects and PEX files.

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This repo contains a set of Jupyter Notebook plugins that enable interop with pex and pants.


To install this plugin, simply invoke pip install like so:

pip install pants-jupyter-plugin

Plugin Loading

To load the plugin in your Jupyter Notebook environment, use the %load_ext command in a Notebook cell like so:

%load_ext pants_jupyter_plugin


This package provides 3 primary magics for python environment loading from pex and/or pants targets. All of these will scrub and replace the existing sys.path/environment so it's best to do this before you import any modules to avoid cached imports.


This magic allows you to load an existing pex file that exists on disk into the python environment.


%pex_load <path to pex file>


This magic allows you to load a transitive closure of arbitrary requirements into the environment using pex(1).


%requirements_load <requirements>


This magic allows you to build and load a pants python_binary target into the environment. It works in conjunction with the %pants_repo magic, which is how you point the plugin to a given pants-compatible repo.

%pants_repo <path to pants repo>
%pants_load <pants target>


This repo uses tox for testing and project automation. To test your changes before sending them off for review just invoke tox:

$ tox

This will auto-format code and run tests. Tests accept passthough args and pytest-xdist is installed, so you could run the full test suite with maximum parallelism via:

$ tox -p -epy3{6,7,8,9} -- -n auto

Here you run tests against all interpreters the project supports (assuming you have these all installed on your machine and on the $PATH) in parallel (the tox -p flag) and for each parallel run of tox you run the individual test methods in parallel (via passthrough args to pytest-xdist: -- -n auto).

To find out all available tox environments use tox -a or inspect tox.ini.

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