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A scalable build tool for large, complex, heterogeneous repos.

Project description

Pants is an Apache2 licensed build tool written in Python.

The latest documentation can be found at pantsbuild <>_.

2.7.x Stable Releases

2.7.1 (Oct 27, 2021)

The second stable release of the 2.7.x series, with no changes since the previous release candidate!

2.7.1rc1 (Oct 11, 2021)

User API Changes

  • Add [mypy].extra_type_stubs (Cherry-pick of #13180) (#13211)

Bug fixes

  • pantsd falls back to socket usage if it cannot open a TTY. (cherrypick of #13155) (#13157)

  • Release the GIL while creating a Session. (cherrypick of #13127) (#13158)

  • Do not change working directory when extracting archives (cherrypick of #12497 and #13077) (#13159)

2.7.1rc0 (Oct 04, 2021)

Bug fixes

  • Upgrade to Pex 2.1.51. (#13098) (Cherry picks of 513647c1 b1d7ab9d) (#13102)

  • Upgrade to Pex 2.1.50 and leverage packed layout. (Cherry picks of 433a4dd 0d36002 7ba06a5) (#13078)

  • Don't invalidate the scheduler when piping output. (cherrypick of #13028) (#13030)

  • Ensure that Tree contents are uploaded after creation. (cherrypick of #13008) (#13009)

2.7.0 (Sep 24, 2021)

The first stable release of the 2.7.x series, with no changes since the previous release candidate!

2.7.0rc5 (Sep 22, 2021)

Bug fixes

  • Fix case sensitivity of module_mapping for python_requirements and poetry_requirements (Cherry-pick of #12980) (#12981)

  • Fix spurious "Scheduling: ..." workunits with remote caching (cherrypick of #12973) (#12975)

2.7.0rc4 (Sep 17, 2021)

Plugin API Changes

  • Add py.typed files for pantsbuild distributions in order to satisfy PEP-561 (cherry-pick of #12842) (#12861)

Bug fixes

  • If [python-setup].invalid_lockfile_behavior = ignore, don't require Pants metadata in the lockfile (Cherry-pick of #12900) (#12905)


  • Improve cache reuse for ./pants package when using a constraints file or lockfile (#12807) (#12836)

2.7.0rc3 (Sep 10, 2021)

User API Changes

  • Add version to lockfile metadata headers (cherry-pick of #12788) (#12816)

Bug fixes

  • Fix backports of std lib modules like dataclasses not working with dependency inference (Cherry-pick of #12818) (#12819)

  • Properly include file dependencies in docker build context (cherrypick of #12758) (#12823)


  • Warn if [python-repos] is set during lockfile generation (cherrypick of #12800) (#12828)

2.7.0rc2 (Sep 05, 2021)

Bug fixes

  • Fix UI rendering when a workunit has completed children but no running children (cherrypick of #12748) (#12750)

2.7.0rc1 (Sep 01, 2021)

Bug fixes

  • Error, don't warn, when --generate-lockfiles-resolve is set to a disabled tool lockfile (cherrypick of #12738) (#12741)

  • Add specific and actionable instructions to stale lockfile errors (cherrypick of #12699). (#12717)

  • Improve descriptions of the process executions for PEX_PATH composition. (cherrypick of #12736) (#12737)

  • Absolutize all of the execute_pex_args in the venv script. (cherrypick of #12727) (#12729)

2.7.0rc0 (Aug 31, 2021)

New Features

  • Add [tool].lockfile (e.g. [black].lockfile) for Python tools and activate ./pants generate-lockfiles by default (#12684)

  • Add --generate-lockfiles-resolve to allow generating for only certain tools (#12676)

  • Add [generate-lockfiles].custom_command (#12687)

  • Add experimental Docker build rules. (#12467)

User API Changes

  • Use Pants's default tool lockfiles by default for Python tools like Black, Pytest, and Flake8 (#12689)

  • Set [python-setup].invalid_lockfile_behavior to error by default (#12686)

  • Bump default for pytest-cov ([pytest].extra_requirements) and [coverage-py].version so both use coverage 5.5 (#12690)

  • Pin GitPython==3.1.18 by default with Bandit to ensure yanked release isn't used in lockfile generation (#12691)

  • Stop pinning stevedore<3 by default for Bandit (#12681)

  • Stop installing setuptools by default with Black, Flake8, Isort, and Yapf (#12673)

  • Stop using [python-setup].requirements_constraints when installing tools like Black and MyPy (#12639)

  • Default to my-dep-stubs and stubs-my-dep being third-party type stubs (#12598)

  • Type stubs should be registered as normal requirements, not in [mypy].extra_requirements (#12597)

Plugin API Changes

  • Support indivisible Sources fields (#12685)

  • Render EngineAware parameters in cycle errors from Graph. (#12668)

  • Split PexRequirements into three unioned types (#12644)

  • Add __repr__ impl for PySnapshot (#12622)

  • Remove the rationale field from BashBinaryRequest. (#12624)

Bug fixes

  • The pex_binary "venv" mode now sees bin scripts. (#12664)

  • Fix UI rendering when multiple tasks have the same label. (#12659)

  • tailor: do not append comma to kwarg with empty tuple (#12653)

  • Fix FindBinary when which is discoverable on $PATH on macOS (#12581)

  • Fix coloring of stderr logs with pantsd (#12585)


  • Decompose requirements pexes (#12675)


  • Switch log warning rendering to yellow. (#12596)

  • Align Enriched*Result colors, sigils, and log levels. (#12645)

  • Fix Toolchain plugin being included in generated reference docs (#12642)

2.7.0.dev4 (Aug 15, 2021)

New Features

  • Add additional Google Cloud libraries to dependency inference's default module mapping (#12553)

  • Validate that pytest-cov is installed when [test].use_coverage is set (#12534)

User API Changes

  • Deprecate --pants-supportdir, rename --engine-visualize-to, and fix help for --loop. (#12558)

  • Change the PythonProtobufMypyPlugin option scope. (#12525)

Plugin API Changes

  • Upgrade packaging from 20.9 to 21.0 (#12561)

  • Allow newer versions of setuptools and wheel. (#12555)

  • Deprecate an options scope with underscores. (#12532)

  • Remove TestResult.skip() in favor of TestFieldSet.opt_out() (#12516)

  • Finally get rid of Optionable entirely. (#12538)

Bug fixes

  • Fix shfmt and --test-open-coverage to handle CPU architecture Platform changes (#12546)

  • Fix asdf directory lookup. (#12528)

  • Fix shlexing of passthrough args. (#12547)

  • pyenv should fall back to $HOME/.pyenv (#12527)


  • Stream files into the local store while capturing them (#12563)

  • use REAPI batch API for small blob writes (#12537)

  • add capabilties cache for remote store client (#12522)

2.7.0.dev3 (Aug 06, 2021)

New Features

  • Add skip_tests field to python_tests to facilitate incremental migrations (#12510)

  • Adds support for Poetry group dependencies (#12492)

  • Tailor pex_binary targets for entry points. (#12478)

User API Changes

  • Add to default module mapping: Django extensions, Google Cloud, Pillow, and python-dotenv (#12506)

Plugin API Changes

  • Refactor Pex working directory handling. (#12479)

Bug fixes

  • Make the pantsd crash error message more precise. (#12512)

  • Resolve plugins using the PEX --python option. (#12500)

  • Shield isolated-Sessions / StreamingWorkunitHandlers from Ctrl+C. (#12483)

  • Fix default coverage collection. (#12477)


  • Don't resolve constraints file / lockfile if no 3rd-party requirements used (#12488)

2.7.0.dev2 (Jul 30, 2021)

New Features

  • Provide a peek goal to easily view BUILD metadata from command line (#11347)

  • Add entry_points field to python_distribution (#11872)

  • Add hadolint to lint Docker files (#12426)

  • Add experimental Docker target type and tailor (#12431)

  • Support pex_binary addresses in provides=setup_py(entry_points) field (#12414)

  • Add option for async completion of StreamingWorkunitHandlers, disable by default in containers (#12392)

  • Dependency inference for pex_binary and python_awslambda can disambiguate ambiguous modules based on file paths (#12326)

User API Changes

  • Deprecate [pytest].pytest_plugins in favor of [pytest].extra_requirements (#12450)

  • Deprecate setup_py().with_binaries() in favor of entry_points field (#12413)

  • Add instruction set architecture awareness to platforms and --url-platform-mapping options (#12367)

  • Add [python-setup].interpreter_versions_universe to ensure Pants works robustly with future Python interpreters (#12379)

  • Upgrade to Lambdex 0.1.5. (#12461)

  • Upgrade to Pex 2.1.44. (#12342)

Bug fixes

  • More robust support for Poetry dependency attributes (markers, andextras) (#12323)

  • Mark workunits blocked, and skip rendering completed workunits (#12369)


  • Do not upload Action inputs for remote cache writes. (#12443)

  • Skip preparation of workunit log messages which will never be rendered. (#12396)


  • Clarify when we are subsetting the lockfile for 3rdparty dependencies (#12435)

  • Add counters for blob bytes uploaded/downloaded to/from CAS (#12471)

  • Add cache and runtime metadata to Process workunits (#12469)

  • Fix the content type for Pants' wheel long_descriptions. (#12391)

2.7.0.dev1 (Jul 16, 2021)

New Features

  • Allow restricting which versions are valid for ExternalTools. (#12332)

  • Add yapf Python formatter (#12317)

  • Add ASDF support to interpreter-search-paths (#12028)

Plugin API Changes

  • Validate option default values to be of correct type. (#12331)

Bug fixes

  • Do not leak subsystems as goals to the command line interface (#12337)

  • Fix anonymous telemetry logging. (#12340)

  • Fixup incorrect platform help message. (#12320)


  • Improve wording for pex_binary platforms field help (#12304)

2.7.0.dev0 (Jul 09, 2021)

New Features

  • Add skimage module mapping for dependency inference (#12301)

  • Add experimental terraform plugin with fmt and lint rules (#11973)

  • Add support for MyPy report files (#12271)

  • Support running tailor on subdirs. (#12262)

  • Support building dists from preexisting (#12250)

User API Changes

  • Don't tailor a python_library for a solitary (#12288)

  • Apply a concurrency limit to remote store/cache/execution gRPC requests (#12256)

Bug fixes

  • Fix poetry_requirements: ignore internal projects. (#12280)

  • Fix poetry_requirements handling of python. (#12278)

  • Do not use [python-setup].resolve_all_constraints when using platforms (#12268)

  • Hotfix for poetry_requirements not being recognized as a macro in build files (#12263)

  • Include experimental Go backends in pantsbuild.pants (#12290)


  • Improve error for out-of-line Gets. (#12305)

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