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Geospatial Extensions for Pyramid

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Geospatial Extensions for the Pyramid web framework.

The Papyrus doc is hosted on Read the Docs.









  • Use GeoAlchemy 2 instead of GeoAlchemy. @elemoine



  • Make the XSD renderer work with mapped classes instead of Table objects. This change breaks the compatibility. With 0.9 XSD views must return mapped classes instead of Table objects. #13 @elemoine

  • Make it easier to overload the behavior of GeoInterface. #15 @elemoine

  • Make the XSD renderer ignore foreign keys by default. #18 @elemoine

  • Give the user an extension point for adding elements to the xsd:sequence element. #18 @elemoine

  • New class-level property __add_properties__ for classes implementing GeoInterface. This is to be able to have GeoInterface consider properties that are not column properties. #20 @elemoine

  • Documentation is now on Read the Docs, at @elemoine


  • XSD renderer now uses application/xml instead of text/xml. @twpayne

  • XSD renderer now skips primary keys by default, and it now has an include_primary_keys option which can be set to True to change the behavior. @twpayne


  • Add a XSD renderer for WFS DescribeFeatureType-like responses. Thanks @twpayne.


  • Make feature argument optional in the GeoInterface constructor. This change allow better integration with FormAlchemy for classes that implement the GeoInterface.


  • When passed a list or a tuple the GeoJSON renderer produces a FeatureCollection by default. This behavior can be changed with the collection_type argument to GeoJSON (patch from @tonio).

  • Pyramid 1.2 compliance (a change in the tests)


  • JSONP support in the GeoJSON renderer (patch from @sbrunner)

  • New GeoJSON renderer implementation and API. The papyrus.renderers.geojson_renderer_factory function is replaced by the papyrus.renderers.GeoJSON class. The new usage is:

    from papyrus.renderers import GeoJSON
    config.add_renderer('geojson', GeoJSON(jsonp_param_name='cb'))
  • Pyramid 1.1 compliance


  • Improved GeoJSON renderer: deal with decimal.Decimal,, and datetime.datetime values.

  • No longer use <= when defining requirements (only >= is used).

  • Correctly spell the names of requirements, using capital letters where needed.


  • Add file


  • Papyrus can now be used without pyramid_handlers

  • add a config method to add routes, pyramid.add_papyrus_routes

  • do not rely on environ['CONTENT_LENGTH'] to read the contents of requests, this doesn’t work with WebOb 1.0.4 and higher

  • minor change in the tests to use with_statement for Python 2.5


  • Add the papyrus.geo_inteface.GeoInterface mixin

  • Add the papyrus.add_papyrus_handler configurator directive


  • Initial version

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