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Parallel parser for large files

Project description


ParPar (Parallel Parser) is a light tool which makes it easy to distribute a function across a large file.

ParPar is meant to work on serialized data where some values are highly repeated across records for a given field. e.g.

a 1 1
a 1 2
a 2 3
a 2 4
a 3 5
a 3 6
b 1 7
b 1 8
b 2 9
b 2 10
b 3 11
b 3 12

although we have 12 records, for column 1 there are only 2 unique values. Likewise, for column 2 there are only 3 unique values. We could break this file up into smaller files under a directory:


or vis versa.

How to use.

  1. Start by importing the ParPar class:
from parpar import ParPar
  1. Initialize an instance:
ppf = ParPar()
  1. Shard a large file into sub-files:
# shard by columns
  <input-file>, <output-directory>,
  <columns>, <delim>, <newline>

# shard by lines
  <input-file>, <output-directory>,
  <number_of_lines>, <delim>, <newline>
  1. Check to make sure the number of records are the same:
files = ppf.shard_files(<output-directory>)
records = ppf.sharded_records(files)

from parpar.utils import filelines

print(records == filelines(<input-file>))
  1. Map an arbitrary function across each line of all shared files:
def foo(line, *args, **kwargs):

args = [1, 2, 3]
kwargs = {'a': 'x', 'b': 'y'}

  foo, args, kwargs,
  1. Map an arbitrary function across all shared files:
def bar(file, *args, **kwargs):

args = [1, 2, 3]
kwargs = {'a': 'x', 'b': 'y'}

  bar, args, kwargs,

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