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Parsing text files with TextFSM and export to SQLite/Excel with configuration file

Project description


Simple CLI tool parsing text files with TextFSM and export to SQLite and Excel with own configuration file, also within configuration file custom SQLite commands can be executed to create custom tables.


Python >= 3.9

For Windows, select the Add Python 3.x to PATH checkbox during installation.


Option 1:

From Python Package Index (PyPI) Repo:

pip install parse2excel

Option 2:

Download project ZIP file and run below command:

pip install

Installation Check

After installation parse2excel command added to System Path and can be executed from any path easily as below:

> parse2excel -h
usage: parse2excel [-h] [configfile]

positional arguments:
  configfile   config yaml file path [e.g. srlinux_config_1.yaml] (OPTIONAL default: file=config.yaml, folder=P2E_CONFIGS)

  -h, --help  show this help message and exit


Simple Usage

Run parse2excel command with Config File Path OR without argument "config.yaml" file used (single config file) OR without argument "P2E_CONFIGS" Folder used (multiple config files in folder) from any path after that check excel/SQLite output files in working directory.

parse2excel <Config_File_Path>

Config file

There are four type options in YAML config file:

  • textfsm: Parse text files in folder with TextFSM template and export excel/SQLite.
  • sqljoin: Run "SELECT" SQLite command and export excel/SQLite. (Python function supported) (Any SQLite command run with "sqlcommand_run")
  • sqlfunction: Create SQLite Python functions for all sqljoin parts.
  • excel: Import Excel file and convert to SQLite.

Example config.yaml file:

# Simple textfsm type, parse device config files in folders 
# and create sqlite table & excel sheet (if NOT include "excel_export: none") 
- type: textfsm
  db_name: my_p2e_excel
  table_name: my_interface_sheet
  # excel_export: none
    - device_config_FOLDER
  template: |
    Value Required Interface (\S+)
    Value Interface_Description (\S+)
    Value Interface_Ip (\S+)
    Value Interface_Mask (\S+)

      ^interface ${Interface} -> Begin

      ^ description ${Interface_Description}
      ^ ipv4 address ${Interface_Ip} ${Interface_Mask}
      ^! -> Record Start

# Simple sqljoin type, create table with select command and OPTIONAL function.
# Create also excel sheet (if NOT include "excel_export: none")
- type: sqljoin
  db_name: my_p2e_excel
  new_table: SecGW_CERT
  sqlcommand: select removetxt(Filename), Cert_Name, Cert_Start, Cert_End from certificate
    - |
      def removetxt(d):
        return d.replace('.txt','')

# add python function for all sqljoin parts 
# after that no need to add function for sqljoin explicitly.
- type: sqlfunction
    - |
      def removetxt(d):
        return d.replace('.txt','')

# create "ports_with_vlan_desc" custom table with "SQLite Select" commands
# With "LEFT JOIN" add "vlan description" to ports table on match "Vlan Number"
- type: sqljoin
  db_name: my_p2e_excel
  new_table: ports_with_vlan_desc
  sqlcommand: |
      LEFT JOIN vlans ON (
        ports.Hostname = vlans.Hostname 
        AND ports.Interface_Vlan = vlans.Vlan_Number

# only run any sqlite command for debug, delete table etc.
- type: sqljoin
  db_name: my_p2e_excel
  sqlcommand_run: select Service_ID from vprn_w_x

# import excel file to sqlite db-table
- type: excel
  db_name: from_excel
  excel_file: excel_file.xlsx
  # OPTIONAL, specify excel sheets
  # excel_sheets:
  #   - Sheet1

Output Excel File Example

  • As below example in seperate sheets "ports", "vlans" and "ports_detail" tables are created with "textfsm type".

  • In "vlans" sheet, "Filename - Hostname - Vlan Number - Vlan Description" are headers with multiple devices data.

Output Excel File Example

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