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Simple parser that creates ASTs

Project description

A simple parsing tool in 200 lines of python

Give it a grammar and tokens, and it’ll give you back an ast.


Use the parse() function to parse text. The tokens parameter is a dictionary of token names to compiled regular expressions. Prefixing a token with % will ignore it. Token names must be uppercase.

The rules parameter is a dictionary of names to lists of rules, and the start parameter is what node to start parsing first. postlex and postparse and post-processing functions. The default will:

  • after lexing remove all tokens that start with a %

  • after parsing flatten all nodes with 1 child


A rule is a list of rulesegments. A rulesegment can be a string, which means parse that TOKEN/rule_name. A list rule segement is a group, the last item in it can be one of the following:

  • ?: this group is optional

  • +: match at least one of this group, and possibly more

  • *: match any number of this group, including zero

An example rule looks like this:

[["NUM", "?"], ["var", "*"]]

The rule dictionary is a dictionary of rule_names to lists of these rules, each one being a possibility, like this:

    "multi_poly": [
        ["LPAREN", "polynomial", "RPAREN", "LPAREN", "polynomial", "RPAREN"],
        ["NUM", "LPAREN", "polynomial", "RPAREN"],


The tree format of ParseIt is very simple: for rule instances (nodes) you have a tuple with the first value being the node name, and the second being its children.

Tokens are represented as a tuple of: the token name, the token content, and its position in the stream


There is also a module called treeify in the package that (if pydot is installed) allows you to create a graphical representation of the generated trees.

Example has an example grammar and code to convert the generated tree into a pydot

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