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Open a link with a command read from a database.

Project description


Python program that opens a link with a command read from a database.

  • Link pasterfu with a program to make links from that program open into program of your choice.
  • Make your own rule database defining what link to open in what way

Made especially to use with RSS feed readers like newsboat. Or any other program where you might want to open a specific in a manner based on the link you are opening.


  • Python 3.8 or newer
  • Pyperclip will be installed when installing pasterfu with pip
  • In Ubuntu sudo apt install python3
  • With Windows download and install Python 3
    • You could consider selecting Add Python to PATH during install


  1. Install Python 3 - Requirements
  2. Run pip install pasterfu
  3. Create your config file rules. Configuration
    • For more info check Wiki Configuration
    • pasterfu will work with OS default browser even without configs


You propably need to use a command like:

pip3 install --upgrade pasterfu


python3 -m pip install --upgrade pasterfu


If you installed python without setting up path you need to include path when running pip.

py.exe -m pip install --upgrade pasterfu


pasterfu --link LINK

Replace the "LINK" with the link you wish to open. Check Wiki Usage for more info.


If you installed python without setting up path you need to include path when running pasterfu.

For Python 3.8: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs\Python\Python38\Scripts\pasterfu.exe --link LINK


To see your current configurations pasterfu --config.

Set default browser of your choice pasterfu --config --edit 0 --input "firefox"

  • Default browser will be used if link to be opened has no match in database rules.

OS default internet browser will be used if no matching key is found.

Read more at Wiki Configuration.


To see your current rules run pasterfu --db

Rules can be added/edited with pasterfu --db --edit 0 --input ""

If --edit is given ID number that doesen't exist yet a new rule will be created.

Adding command valaues into rule: pasterfu --db --edit 0x0 --input "firefox"

Giving --edit 0x0 means in rule #0 command #0 --input "firefox"

Database file can be found in ~/.config/pasterfu.json. Or in %USERPROFILE%\Documents\pasterfu.json for Windows.

Example 1

Open link using the link argument.

pasterfu -l ""
Example 2

Open link piping into stdin.

echo "" | pasterfu
Example 3

Make rule to open gitlab pages.

pasterfu -d 0 ""
Example 4

Make rule to open rule #1 type links in Firefox:

`pasterfu -de 1x0 -i "firefox"`
Example 5

Set your default browser.

pasterfu -ce 0 "firefox"
Example 6

By using '%clip' you can copy a link with pyperclip.

pasterfu -de 1x0 -i "%copy"


TODO list found here Wiki TODO

Tests can be run with ./run_tests or run_tests.bat. These require flake8 and pytest. Both can be found in PyPI.

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