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pathlib_revised is a enhanced version of pathlib

Project description


Expand the origin Python pathlib module:

  • work-a-round for Windows MAX_PATH limit, by adding \\?\ path prefix

  • add missing stuff, like: makedirs, utime, scandir etc.

There is also the class, called DirEntryPath that holds more cached information than os.DirEntry

  • python 3.4 or newer only

  • Beta state

Please, try, fork and contribute! ;)

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Windows MAX_PATH

There is a limit in the Windows API: Path can’t be longer than 259 characters (called: “MAX_PATH”). The work-a-round is to add the prefix \\?\ to every absolute path, see:

The Path2() class has the additional property extended_path:

>>> from pathlib_revised import Path2
>>> p=Path2("c:\foo\bar")
>>> p.extended_path

All existing methods of Path2() will internally use extended_path, so that the MAX_PATH limit is not longer a problem.

extended_path exist also under Posix-Systems, but it’s the same as path:

>>> p=Path2("/foo/bar")
>>> p.path
>>> p.extended_path

Additional methods

<pre> >>> Path2(“/”).listdir() [‘sbin’, ‘boot’, ‘tmp’, ‘sys’, ‘var’, ‘dev’, ‘usr’, ‘root’, ‘home’, …, ‘initrd.img’, ‘vmlinuz’] </pre> * shutil.**`copyfile() <>`_**

<pre> >>> Path2(“a_file.txt”).copyfile(Path2(“a_file_copy.txt”)) </pre> * os.path.**`expanduser() <>`_**

<pre> >>> p=Path2(“~”, “sub”, “dir”) >>> p PosixPath2(‘~/sub/dir’) >>> p.expanduser() PosixPath2(‘/home/username/sub/dir’) </pre> * os.**`link() <>`_**

<pre> >>> Path2(“source.txt”).link(Path2(“hardlinked.txt”)) </pre> * os.**`makedirs() <>`_**

<pre> >>> Path2(“a”, “new”, “path”).makedirs() </pre> * os.**`utime() <>`_**

<pre> >>> mtime = 111111111 # UTC: 1973-07-10 00:11:51 >>> atime = 222222222 # UTC: 1977-01-16 01:23:42

>>> p.Path2("dir/or/file")
>>> p.utime(times=(atime, mtime))
>>> stat = p.stat()
>>> stat.st_atime
>>> stat.st_mtime
</pre> * os.**`scandir() <>`_**

<pre> >>> p=Path2(“/foo/bar”) >>> for dir_item in p.scandir(): … print(dir_item) … <PosixDirEntry: ‘filename’> <PosixDirEntry: ‘directory’> <PosixDirEntry: ‘…’> </pre> It’s a generator that yields os.**`DirEntry <>`_** instances. scandir is new in Python 3.5, but in Path2() is will fall-back to the external scandir module.

You miss a method? Please, fork, implement, add tests and send a pull request! ;)


Path2() hat the .path property, that is normally new in Python 3.4.5 and 3.5.2 So you can use it with older Python Version, too.


The DirEntryPath holds more cached information:


os.DirEntry() instance


str or bytes of the path, from: os.DirEntry()**.path**


bool from os.DirEntry()**.is_symlink()**


bool from os.DirEntry()**.is_file(follow_symlinks=False)**


bool from os.DirEntry()**.is_dir(follow_symlinks=False)**


bool from os.DirEntry()**.stat(follow_symlinks=False)**


Path2() instance


Path2() instance from .resolve() (If resolve errored: None)


The error Instance, if .resolve() failed.

Create a instance by feeding a os.DirEntry instance, e.g.:

>>> from pathlib_revised import Path2, DirEntryPath
>>> src_path = Path2("foo/")
>>> for dir_entry in src_path.scandir():
...     dir_entry_path = DirEntryPath(dir_entry)
...     print(dir_entry_path.pformat())
 *** <DirEntryPath foo/file1> :
path.......: 'foo/file1'
path instance..: PosixPath2('foo/file1')
resolved path..: PosixPath2('/home/bar/foo/file1')
resolve error..: None
different path.: True
is symlink.....: False
is file........: False
is dir.........: True
stat.size......: 38
 *** <DirEntryPath foo/BrokenSymlink.ext> :
path.......: 'foo/BrokenSymlink.ext'
path instance..: PosixPath2('foo/BrokenSymlink.ext')
resolved path..: None
resolve error..: FileNotFoundError(2, 'No such file or directory')
different path.: True
is symlink.....: True
is file........: False
is dir.........: False
stat.size......: 15
 *** <DirEntryPath foo/README.creole> :
path.......: 'foo/README.creole'
path instance..: PosixPath2('foo/README.creole')
resolved path..: PosixPath2('/home/bar/foo/README.creole')
resolve error..: None
different path.: True
is symlink.....: False
is file........: True
is dir.........: False
stat.size......: 4802


  • 08.02.2016 - v0.1.0

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