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Patray stands for PulseAudioTray. It is "yet another pulseaudio frontend".

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  • Brilliant yktoo sound switcher lacks of volume control
  • pasystray have too much options and heavy interface
  • No simple tray for all in one menu:
    • port switching with radio buttons
    • volume control scroll bar


  • Card profile switches
  • Profile port switches
  • Profile volume slider
  • Port filters by mask
  • Configurable UI view: combo or radio


patray is offered under MIT license.


  • python 3.7+


$ python -m pip install patray


Common usecase is:

$ python -m patray ~/.patray.config.yml

Configuration options are built on cock logic, so you need to run

$ python -m patray --help

to see all available options. But you can pass all options via command line interface, or even via environemnt vairables.


For version 0.1.2 help output looks like this:

$ python -m patray --help

  --profile-enabled BOOLEAN      [default: True]
  --profile-style [combo|radio]  [default: combo]
  --profile-weight FLOAT         [default: 1.0]
  --port-enabled BOOLEAN         [default: True]
  --port-style [combo|radio]     [default: radio]
  --port-maximum-volume INTEGER  [default: 100]
  --port-hide-by-mask TEXT
  --port-weight FLOAT            [default: 1.0]
  --log-level TEXT               [default: INFO]
  --icon-path FILE
  --icon-color TEXT              Use `random` value for random color on each
                                 click  [default: #fff]

  --version                      Show the version and exit.  [default: False]
  --help                         Show this message and exit.  [default: False]

You can see all defaults and all «flat» keys. Your configuration file can look like this:

icon-color: random
  enabled: true
  style: combo
  enabled: true
  style: radio
  weight: 0.95
  maximum-volume: 100
    - "Front*"
    - "Rear*"
    - "Line In*"

You can see, that each - in flat cli argument name can be cutted off to create tree-like config.

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