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A clone of pdb, fast and with the remote debugging and attach features.

Project description


  • Implement the most recent Python 3 features of pdb, as defined in the Python 3 pdb documentation. The pdb command line interface remains unchanged except for the new detach and thread pdb commands.

  • Improve significantly pdb performance. With breakpoints, pdb-clone runs just below the speed of the interpreter while pdb runs 10 to 100 times slower than the interpreter, see Performances.

  • Extend pdb with remote debugging. A remote debugging session may be started when the program stops at a pdb.set_trace_remote() hard-coded breakpoint, or at any time and multiple times by attaching to the process main thread. See RemoteDebugging

  • Fix pdb long standing bugs entered in the Python issue tracker, see the News.

  • Add a bdb comprehensive test suite (more than 70 tests) and run both pdb and bdb test suites.

pdb-clone runs the same source code on all the supported versions of Python, which are:

  • Python 3: from version 3.2 onward.

  • Python 2: version 2.7.

See also the README and the project home page.

Report bugs to the issue tracker.


Invoke pdb-clone as a script to debug other scripts. For example:

$ pdb-clone

Or use one of the different ways of running pdb described in the pdb documentation and replace:

import pdb


from pdb_clone import pdb

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pdb-clone-1.10.2.tar.gz (91.7 kB view hashes)

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