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Unofficial Python API wrapper to get data at PDDIKTI Kemdikbud

Project description

Unofficial Python 3 API wrapper to get data at PDDIKTI Kemdikbud

License BuildStatus Version 0.0.1 python3.x Codacy Badge


Python API wrapper makes it easy for you to get data from the web

Change Log

  • V 1.0.0 "First Release"


  • Python 3.*
  • requests


$ pip install pddiktipy



from pddiktipy import api

a = api()

print(a.search_all('ilham riski'))


🔎 Get

Fetch the whole data from api

Get All Data

a.search_all('ilham riski')

Get University only

Data [text, Nama PT, NPSN, Singkatan, Alamat, website-link]

a.search_pt('University Name')

Get Lecturer only

Data [text, NIDN, PT, Prodi, website-link]

a.search_dosen('Lecturer Name')

Get study program only

Data [text, Nama Prodi, Jenjang Prodi, Nama Lembaga, website-link]

a.search_prodi('Sistem Informasi')

Get student only

Data [text(NIM), PT, Prodi, website-link]

a.search_mahasiswa('Ilham Riski Wibowo')

Get Data By Category

# mahasiswa, pt, dosen, prodi
a.search_by_category('mahasiswa', 'Ilham Riski Wibowo')

🔎 Specific Data Search

Specific data search, more return data

Search University

Data [current_page, max_page, pt [akreditasi, bujur, id, jln, jumlah_prodi, lintang, logo, nama, no_tel, npsn, provinsi, rasio, singkatan, website]]

specific_search_pt(self, keyword = '', provinsi = '',akreditas = '',jenis = '',status = '',koordinasi = '',tipe = '',page = '0')

Search Lecturer

Data [id, jenjang, nama, nip, prodi, pt]

specific_search_dosen(self, nama = '', nip = '', pt = '', prodi = '')

Search Study Program

Data [akreditas, id, jenjang, lembaga, nama]

specific_search_prodi(self, prodi = '', pt = '', wilayah = '', akreditas = '', jenjang = '')

Search Student

Data [id, nama, nipd, prodi, pt]

specific_search_mhs(self, nama = '', nipd = '', pt = '', prodi = '')

🔎 Dump

Dump data, this data is usually used for auto fill

Dump All Univ

Data [id_sp, kode_pt, nama_pt]


Dump All Provinsi

Data [id, nama]


Dump all Study Program

Data [id_sms, id_sp, kode_prodi, nama_prodi]


🔎 In Script Search

Don't use this, because search fuction hardcoded on the client side instead of the server

Get Univ By Name

Data [id_sp, kode_pt, nama_pt]

a.get_univ_by_name('University Name')

Get id_sp or uuid Univ V1

a.get_uuid_univ_by_name_v1('University Name')

Get id_sp or uuid Univ V2

a.get_uuid_univ_by_name_v2('University Name')

Get Endpoint / Web University

a.get_univ_website_by_name('University Name')

Get id_sp or uuid Lecturer

a.get_uuid_dosen_by_name('Lecturer Name')

Get Endpoint / Web Lecturer

a.get_dosen_website_by_name('Lecturer Name')

Get id_sp or uuid Student

a.get_uuid_mahasiswa_by_name('Ilham Riski Wibowo')

Get Endpoint / Web Mahasiswa

a.get_mahasiswa_website_by_name('Ilham Riski Wibowo')

🔎 Detail Pages

Get page detail data on University

Data [akreditas_list [akreditas, tgl_akreditasi, tgl_berlaku], bujur, email, id_sp, internet, jln, kode_pos, laboratorium, lintag, listrik luas_tanah, nama_rektor, nama_wil, nm_lamb, no_fax, no_tel, npsn, perpustakaan, ruang_kelas, sk_pendirian_sp, stat_sp, tgl_berdiri, tgl_sk_pendirian_sp, website]

a.detail_data_univ_by_name('University Name')

Get page detail data on University (Study Program)

Data [akreditas, id_sms, jenjang, kode_prodi, nm_lamb, rasio_list [dosen, mahasiswa], stat_prodi]

a.detail_data_univ_prodi_by_name('University Name')

Get page detail data on University (Amount)

Data [jumlah_bidangilmu, jumlah_fakultas, jumlah_prodi, jumlah_prodi_akreditasi, rasio_list [dosen, mahasiswa]]

a.detail_univ_jumlah_by_name('University Name')

Get page detail data on University (Lecturer)

Data [jumlah_dosen_jabatan [categories, series [data, nama]] jumlah_dosen_jenis_kelamin]

a.detail_univ_dosen_by_name('University Name')

Get page detail data on Lecturer

a.detail_dosen_by_name('University Name')

🔎 Images / Logo

Data Raw Image

Logo Univesity

a.detail_univ_logo_by_name('University Name')


  • Detail Page Program Study
  • Detail Page Student
  • Statistik chart
  • News
  • Data Pages
  • Report
  • Etc.

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