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PDE is a simple development environment setup script for python projects.

Project description

Python-DevEnv (PDE) is a simple development environment setup script for Python projects.

It asks a series of questions about your project, then generate an appropriate and README.rst.

If you like, it can also generate a .pylintrc with some useful settings for Pylint. (Use -p.) The settings are a little more liberal then the basic options, but still very useful.

This project will not be maintained any further as Tyrant will be taking over as a project setup generator and assistant with many more features then pde could ever have. Tyrant can be found here


usage: pde [-h] [-p] [-g] [-v] [-o OUTPUTDIR]

[–name NAME] [–description DESCRIPTION] [–author AUTHOR] [–email EMAIL] [–website WEBSITE] [–projversion PROJVERSION] [–projlicense PROJLICENSE] [–platforms PLATFORMS] [–source SOURCE] [–test TEST]

Python-DevEnv is a simple setup script generator to help with starting a python project. It can automatically generate pylint configs and easy script commands for unittesting, style testing and git support. All questions can be overridden with command line arguments as detailed below.

optional arguments::
-h, --help

show this help message and exit

-p, --pylint

Generate .pylintrc file for pylint

-g, --gitignore

Generate .gitignore file with python and cython settings

-v, --version

Python-DevEnv version display


Output directory

--name NAME

Project name

--description DESCRIPTION

Project description

--author AUTHOR

Project Author name

--email EMAIL

Project/Author email address

--website WEBSITE

Project website url

--projversion PROJVERSION

Project version

--projlicense PROJLICENSE

Project license

--platforms PLATFORMS

Project platforms, comma seperated string

--source SOURCE

Project source code location

--test TEST

Project unittest code location

Output Usage

The generated setup script has additional commands that should be useful when working on any Python project.

python test: Automatically runs unittest discovery on the provided test directory.

python style: Run pylint style checking on the source directory provided. If the -p switch was not used, this will complain because there will be no .pylintrc file in the project directory however one can be manually made.

python prep: Will run the test and style command. Handy to ensure that everything is working before a distribution or commit.

python commit [-m message]: Allows simple git integration by running git add . followed by a git commit with an optional message provided by the -m switch.

python pypiup: Performs a distutils check to ensure that project meta data is up to spec then creates an sdist and attempts to upload it to the PyPi package repository.


PDE is under the MIT license, so you’re free to use it for anything you want–or modify it any way you want! Just trying to be helpful.


If you have any suggestions or questions about PDE feel free to email me at

You can check out more of what I am doing at my blog.

If you encounter any errors or problems with PDE, please let me know! Open an Issue at the GitHub repository.



The major version is incremented when there is a major usage change. The minor version is incremented when new features are implemented. The micro version is incremented for small bug fixes and are often undocumented unless they change the user experience.

v1.3.0 - July 26 2013
  • Changed repository and pypi package name to ‘pde’

  • Updated setup script to setuptools

  • Removed silly commands from setup script

  • Added tox support

v1.2.0 - February 4th 2013
  • Optional output directory

  • Optional project information overrides from the command line

  • Platforms information added

v1.1.0 - February 4th 2013
  • Clearer README thanks to Zearin

  • PyPi upload command in generated

  • Less pylint messages disabled

  • Added __pycache__ dir to .gitignore generationa.

  • Clearer -h help messages.

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