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an experimental docking implementation

Project description

sqlparse is a non-validating SQL parser module. It provides support for parsing, splitting and formatting SQL statements.

Visit the project page for additional information and documentation.

Example Usage

Splitting SQL statements:

>>> import sqlparse
>>> sqlparse.split('select * from foo; select * from bar;')
[u'select * from foo; ', u'select * from bar;']

Formatting statemtents:

>>> sql = 'select * from foo where id in (select id from bar);'
>>> print sqlparse.format(sql, reindent=True, keyword_case='upper')
FROM foo
  (SELECT id
   FROM bar);


>>> sql = 'select * from "someschema"."mytable" where id = 1'
>>> res = sqlparse.parse(sql)
>>> res
(<Statement 'select...' at 0x9ad08ec>,)
>>> stmt = res[0]
>>> stmt.to_unicode()  # converting it back to unicode
u'select * from "someschema"."mytable" where id = 1'
>>> # This is how the internal representation looks like:
>>> stmt.tokens
(<DML 'select' at 0x9b63c34>,
 <Whitespace ' ' at 0x9b63e8c>,
 <Operator '*' at 0x9b63e64>,
 <Whitespace ' ' at 0x9b63c5c>,
 <Keyword 'from' at 0x9b63c84>,
 <Whitespace ' ' at 0x9b63cd4>,
 <Identifier '"somes...' at 0x9b5c62c>,
 <Whitespace ' ' at 0x9b63f04>,
 <Where 'where ...' at 0x9b5caac>)

Project details

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