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Utilities for pandas.

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Utilities for pandas.

import pdutil
for subdf in pdutil.iter.sub_dfs_by_size(df, 2):

1 Installation

pip install pdutil

2 Basic Use

pdutil is divided into several sub-modules by functionality:

2.1 display

Functions related to displaying pandas DataFrames:

  • df_string - Returns a nicely formatted string for the given dataframe.

  • pandas_big_frame_setup - Sets pandas to display really big data frames.

  • df_to_html - Return a nicely formatted HTML code string for the given dataframe.

2.2 iter

Functions related to iterating over pandas dataframes:

  • sub_dfs_by_size - Get a generator yielding consecutive sub-dataframes of the given size.

  • sub_dfs_by_num - Get a generator yielding num consecutive sub-dataframes of the given df.

2.3 transform

  • x_y_by_col_lbl - Returns an X dataframe and a y series by the given column name.

  • or_by_masks - Returns a sub-dataframe by the logical or over the given masks.

2.4 serial

  • SerializationFormat - A mutli-singleton representing different serialization formats of dataframes.

3 Contributing

Package author and current maintainer is Shay Palachy (; You are more than welcome to approach him for help. Contributions are very welcomed.

3.1 Installing for development


git clone

Install in development mode:

cd pdutil
pip install -e .

3.2 Running the tests

To run the tests use:

pip install pytest pytest-cov coverage
cd pdutil

3.3 Adding documentation

The project is documented using the numpy docstring conventions, which were chosen as they are perhaps the most widely-spread conventions that are both supported by common tools such as Sphinx and result in human-readable docstrings. When documenting code you add to this project, follow these conventions.

4 Credits

Created by Shay Palachy (

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