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PeachPayments Partner Marshmallow library contains Marshmallow schemas to help integrate PeachPayments with their partners.

Project description

PeachPayments Partner Marshmallow Library


PeachPayments Partner Marshmallow Library is a platform-agnostic Python package to help Payment Service Providers in integrating with PeachPayments. This library provides functionality to validate request and response data using Marshmallow Python library.

Source Code:

Key terms

Term Definition
Partner API A service provided by Peach Payments to enable Payment Service Providers to become available on the Peach Platform
Payment Service Provider A payment service provider who integrates with the Partner API
Outbound API call API calls sent from Partner API to the Payment Service Provider
Inbound API call API calls sent from Payment Service Provider to Partner API


Package requires Python 3.9+


# pip
$ pip3 install peachpayments-partner-marshmallow
# poetry
$ poetry add peachpayments-partner-marshmallow

Field validation

Payment Service Provider receives a debit request from PeachPayments.

# ... imports
from peachpayments_partner_marshmallow.validator import validate_debit_request, validate_debit_response

def debit(db: Session, data: dict):
    request_validation = validate_debit_request(data)
    if not request_validation["valid"]:
        raise HttpJSONError(request_validation["response"])

    # Store a transaction in a database
    # Prepare the response to PeachPayments in the `response_fields` dictionary

    response_validation = validate_debit_response(response_fields)
    if not response_validation["valid"]:
        raise Exception("Badly formatted response fields")

    return HttpResponse(response_fields)

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