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A third-party Python API for Pedia Cloud Dictionary

Project description

Pedia Cloud API

A third-party Python API for Pedia Cloud Dictionary


pip install pedia-cloud


Get all words and its meaning

>>> from pedia_cloud import PediaDictionary
>>> PediaDictionary.get_all("早")
[, ㄗㄠˇ, meanings count: 11]
>>> PediaDictionary.get_all("好")
[, ㄏㄠˇ, meanings count: 14, , ㄏㄠˋ, meanings count: 3]
>>> PediaDictionary.get_all("早")[0].meanings
[{'type': '[名]', 'def': '天剛亮的時候...'}, ...]

Get all possible part-of-speech

>>> from pedia_cloud import PediaDictionary
>>> PediaDictionary.get_all_poss("好")
Counter({'副': 7, '形': 3, '動': 3, '歎': 2, '名': 2})

A word

>>> from pedia_cloud import PediaDictionary
>>> word = PediaDictionary.get_one("好")
>>> word
, ㄏㄠˇ, meanings count: 14
>>> word.text
>>> word.zuyin
>>> word.annotations
['美、善,理想的。', '友愛的。', ...]
>>> word.meanings
[{'type': '[形]', 'def': '美、善,...
>>> word.filter_by_pos(["副"])
[{'type': '[副]', 'def': '很、非常。表示程度深...

>>> word = PediaDictionary.get_one("囫")
>>> word.has_meaning
>>> word.annotations
>>> word.meanings
[{'def': '參見「囫圇」條。'}]
>>> word.meta
{'bopomofo': 'ㄏㄨˊ', 'pinyin': 'hú', 'definitions': [{'def': '參見「囫圇」條。'}]}

A meaning

>>> meaning = word.meanings[0]
>>> meaning
{'type': '[形]', 'def': '美、善 ...
>>> meaning.pos
>>> meaning.full
>>> meaning.annotation

Dictionary based idiom segmentation

I implement it by using pedia-cloud dictionary.
This will be slow for long sentence due to api call.

>>> from pedia_cloud import PediaDictionary
>>> PediaDictionary.segment("一鳴驚人")
['一', '鳴', '驚人']
>>> PediaDictionary.segment("匯集了世界各地的新聞來源")
['匯集', '了', '世界', '各', '地', '的', '新聞來源']

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