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Remote hub memory tool for the Propeller microcontroller.

Project description


Status: experimental

PeekPoke is a tool for reading and writing a Propeller's hub memory from a PC. It consists of two parts: a Python module for sending commands from the PC, and a Propeller program for responding to commands.

The Python module has methods to read and write hub memory as bytes, strings, integers, and lists of integers.

The Propeller program can be configured to restrict reads and writes to specific ranges, or to disable writes altogether.

PeekPoke has these additional features:

  • the PAR register may be used to pass a value to the PC,
  • the PC can set the baudrate remotely,
  • the PC can reset the baudrate with a break condition,
  • the Propeller can support baudrates as fast as 26 clocks per bit period,
  • there is a four-byte identifier constant that can read by the PC,
  • a four-byte token variable is 0 on launch and can be set by the PC,
  • the PC can send PASM code to be executed (disabled by default),
  • the Propeller program is completely cog-contained after launch.


PeekPoke requires Python 3. It can be installed with the command pip install peekpoke, or the package may be downloaded from PeekPoke also requires the and packages (pip automatically handles these dependencies).

To run PeekPoke on the Propeller include PeekPoke.spin in your project, and use the Spin methods to set up and launch a PeekPoke instance. The latest version of PeekPoke.spin can be found at




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