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Run on my cloud

Project description

Run on cloud with me

import pegasi
import time, math, requests

pwd="eat those french fries and drink cola"

dash = pegasi.Dash(pwd,api)

def hello_world(x="world"):
	return "Hello {}!".format(x)


def timey_wimey(x):
	return time.time()
print(,[1]*70)) #70 functions, each takes exactly 1 second all done at the same time

print(,test=True))#test=True means server shall not execute function, but just return it to you

print(,args=[1],save="timey_wimey")) #execute and save
print(,save="hello_world",test=True)) #save without executing

print(,load="timey_wimey",args=[1]))#now we can use function without sending it
print(,load="timey_wimey",args=[1]*70))#weven map

print( x: x*x/x+x,range(0,100))) # we can use lambda
#first response would be error because of division by zero

print(dash.filter(lambda t: t % 1 > 0.5,,load="timey_wimey",args=[1]*70))) #and filter
#For both map and filter you send only one request to the server and it applies multitasking request to itself

print( a,b: "{} and {}".format(a,b),[["A","B"],["R","B"],["R","D"]],star=True))

#if you have function that accepts more than one argument use star=True

#you can send get requests to trigger function from anywhere
#TODO: sending args through get requests

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