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Pelican plugin wrapper for 'web-compressor'

Project description

Pelican plugin for web-compressor

pelican-compress optimizes any Pelican site's output - using sane defaults & insane tools.


It's available from PyPi using a package manager of your choice:

# Using 'pip'
pip install pelican-compressor

# Using 'poetry'
poetry add pelican-compressor

Getting started

Using pelican-compressor is straightforward:


After installing it, the following features are enabled by default:

  • minification of HTML files & web assets, such as CSS/JS, JSON & XML files
  • cachebusting assets, such as CSS/JS, JSON & XML files, fonts and images
  • creating SRI hashes for link & script tags

See 'Configuration' below for full control over these processes and even more features, such as

  • optimizing all JPEG & PNG images
  • converting them to modern file formats such as AVIF/WebP
  • building CSP directives (including nonces for inline scripts & styles)


Installing pelican-compressor also gives you access to webcompr, which might be interesting for more flexibility.


The following settings need to be prepended by COMPRESSOR_ to work, eg for enabling AVIF/WebP generation, define COMPRESSOR_ENABLE_MODERN_FORMATS = True in your settings (most likely


Setting Type Default Description
BLOCK_LIST list [] Filenames to be excluded

Asset minification

Setting Type Default Description
ENABLE_MINIFY bool true Enables/disables feature
MINIFY_MEDIATYPES list or re.Pattern HTML, CSS, JS, SVG Files to be minified
MINIFY_OPTIONS dict see below Minification settings

For available minification settings, see here.

Image optimizations

Setting Type Default Description
ENABLE_IMAGEOPTIM bool false Enables/disables feature
IMAGEOPTIM_MEDIATYPES list or re.Pattern JPG/PNG Files to be optimized
JPEG_QUALITY int 85 JPEG output quality
STRIP_METADATA bool true Whether to remove metadata

Asset hashing / "cachebusting"

Setting Type Default Description
ENABLE_HASHING bool true Enables/disables feature
HASHING_MEDIATYPES list or re.Pattern CSS/JS files, fonts & images Files to be hashed
HASH_LENGTH int 10 Length of appended hash string
HASH_MODIFIED bool false Hash modified time or file contents

AVIF / WebP generation

Setting Type Default Description
ENABLE_MODERN_FORMATS bool false Enables/disables feature
AVIF_SETTINGS dict {"quality": 90} AVIF settings (see below)
WEBP_SETTINGS dict {"method": 6} WebP settings (see below)

Available WebP settings:

  • lossless
  • quality
  • method
  • icc_profile
  • exif

For more information, see Pillow docs.

Available AVIF settings:

  • advanced
  • alpha_premultiplied
  • append_images
  • codec
  • duration
  • exif
  • icc_profile
  • qmax
  • qmin
  • quality
  • range
  • speed
  • subsampling
  • tile_rows
  • xmp / XML:com.adobe.xmp

Note: AVIF generation is provided through a plugin, which hasn't made it into Pillow's core yet, so consider this feature as being experimental!

For more information (eg default values), check out the info.get() calls inside the _save() method, courtesy of the pillow_avif plugin.

Subresource integrity

Setting Type Default Description
ENABLE_SRI str true Enables/disables feature
SRI_DIGEST str 'sha512' Cryptographic digest to use

Content security policy

Setting Type Default Description
ENABLE_CSP bool false Enables/disables feature
CSP_DIGEST str 'sha512' Cryptographic digest to use
CSP_NONCE str uuid.uuid4().hex Random nonce to be used
CSP_DIRECTIVES dict {} CSP directives (see below)

When creating a content security policy, you might want to start with something restrictive and go from there:

    "default-src": "none",
    "script-src": "'strict-dynamic'",
    "object-src": "none",
    "base-uri": "none",


It's also prossible to assign functions to be called right before this plugin (PRE_HOOK) or immediately thereafter (POST_HOOK), eg for creating image variants (such as placeholders for lazyloading). Each function receives the argument asset, which is a tuple consisting of the pathlib.Path to each asset file and a str representing its MIME type:


COMPRESSOR_PRE_HOOK = lambda asset: (
    # Unpack asset file & mediatype
    file_path, mime_type = asset

    # If image file ..
    if mime_type == "image/jpeg":
        # .. do something


  • Update
  • Add tests

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