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Perfy - a lightweight performance tracer for python

Project description


Perfy - a lightweight profiling tool for Python

Mark your functions and methods as trace-enabled with @perfy decorator:

def trace_this_function():
   # do something

Also, you can trace arbitrary blocks of your code using with statement:

with perfy('name of your choice'):
   # your code here

After running your code, print report using


from time import sleep
from perfy import perfy

@perfy # <-- use decorator to track function calls
def func_sleep():

def sleep_loop():
   with perfy('sleep loop'): # <-- use with-statement to track arbitrary block of code
      for _ in range(10):

# you can nest with-blocks and decorated function calls in any order:
@perfy # <-- a decorator on a top level function
def main():
   sleep_loop() # <-- this functions has a traced block inside

   with perfy('custom named block'): # <-- traced block

      with perfy('inner block'): # <-- nested traced block

For above code will output:

----------------------------------Perfy report----------------------------------
            Function/Method                  Time(sec.)         Calls(count)    
main                                           0.350                 1          
   └ sleep loop                                0.206                 1          
      └ func_sleep                             0.205                 10         
   └ custom named block                        0.144                 1          
      └ inner block                            0.043                 1          
         └ func_sleep                          0.042                 2          

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