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A periodic table API.

Project description


A python API/console script for the periodic table.

Created by Luis Naranjo <>

Documentation at

Original source code Maintainer fork


>>> pip install periodic2023

Basic Usage

Retrieve element as an object

>>> from periodic import element
>>> hydrogen = element('hydrogen')
>>> hydrogen.mass

Advanced database queries (using sqlalchemy)

>>> from periodic.table import session, Element
>>> session.query(Element).order_by(Element.mass).all()[-4:]  # 4 heaviest elements (by mass)
[<Element('Uup', '115')>, <Element('Uuq', '114')>, <Element('Uuh', '116')>, <Element('Uuo', '118')>]


>>> import periodic
>>> print periodic.table
  -----                                                               -----
1 | H |                                                               |He |
  |---+----                                       --------------------+---|
2 |Li |Be |                                       | B | C | N | O | F |Ne |
  |---+---|                                       |---+---+---+---+---+---|
3 |Na |Mg |3B  4B  5B  6B  7B |    8B     |1B  2B |Al |Si | P | S |Cl |Ar |
4 | K |Ca |Sc |Ti | V |Cr |Mn |Fe |Co |Ni |Cu |Zn |Ga |Ge |As |Se |Br |Kr |
5 |Rb |Sr | Y |Zr |Nb |Mo |Tc |Ru |Rh |Pd |Ag |Cd |In |Sn |Sb |Te | I |Xe |
6 |Cs |Ba |LAN|Hf |Ta | W |Re |Os |Ir |Pt |Au |Hg |Tl |Pb |Bi |Po |At |Rn |
7 |Fr |Ra |ACT|
   Lanthanide |La |Ce |Pr |Nd |Pm |Sm |Eu |Gd |Tb |Dy |Ho |Er |Tm |Yb |Lu |
   Actinide   |Ac |Th |Pa | U |Np |Pu |Am |Cm |Bk |Cf |Es |Fm |Md |No |Lw |

Interactive shell (Console script)

Periodic provides an originally named console script called ‘periodic’.

It’s usage for now is limited to periodic table reference.

In the future, it will be able to do with elements!

This interactive shell may also be invoked from the python interpreter:

>>> import periodic
>>> periodic.interactive_shell()

Or from the command line:

$ periodic
Enter any of the following periodic values of the element you are looking for:
        ['atomic', 'symbol', 'name', 'mass']

Use ^C or type 'exit' to exit.
> 12
atomic: 12
symbol: Mg
name: Magnesium
mass: 24.305
> uranium
atomic: 92
symbol: U
name: Uranium
mass: 238.02891
> H
atomic: 1
symbol: H
name: Hydrogen
mass: 1.00794
> 15.9994
atomic: 8
symbol: O
name: Oxygen
mass: 15.9994

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