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Generate human-readable, random object names

Project description

# PetName

This utility will generate "pet names", consisting of a random combination of an adverb, adjective, and proper name. These are useful for unique hostnames, for instance.

As such, PetName tries to follow the tenets of Zooko's triangle. Names are:

- human meaningful
- decentralized
- secure

The default packaging includes:

- 1,933 names
- 1,315 adjectives
- 3,656 adverbs

A 1-word PetName consists of one random name. A 2-word Petname consists of a random adjective and a random name. A 3-word (or more than 3 word) PetName consists of random adverb(s) and an adjective and a name.

- 2-word PetNames yield 1,933 x 1,315 = 2,541,895 unique combinations
- 3-word PetNames yield 1,933 x 1,315 x 3,656 = 9,293,168,120 unique combinations
- 4-word PetNames yield 1,933 x 1,315 x 3,656 x 3,656 = 3.397582265×10¹³ unique combinations

## Command Line Usage

Command line help:

usage: petname [--words INT] [--separator STR]

optional arguments:
--words number of words in the name, default is 2
--separator string used to separate name words, default is '-'

## Command Line Examples

$ petname

$ petname --words 1

$ petname --words 3

$ petname --words 4

$ petname --separator ":"

$ petname --separator "" --words 3

## Golang Examples
package main

import (

var (
words = flag.Int("words", 2, "The number of words in the pet name")
separator = flag.String("separator", "-", "The separator between words in the pet name")

func main() {
fmt.Println(petname.PetName(*words, *separator))

## Python Examples


$ pip install petname
$ sudo apt-get install python-petname

import argparse
from petname import *

parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Generate human readable random names')
parser.add_argument('-w', '--words', help='Number of words in name, default=2', default=2)
parser.add_argument('-s', '--separator', help='Separator between words, default="-"', default="-")
parser.options = parser.parse_args()

print PetName(int(parser.options.words), parser.options.separator)

## Credits

This project is authored and maintained by Dustin Kirkland.

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