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PEZ - Python P(r)e-(Seriali)z(ation)

Project description

# PEZ - Python P(r)e-(Seriali)z(ation)

A python library for serializing python objects from their internal
representation to something that can be displayed externally. e.g. This will
transform a python object into a dictionary.

This can include mapping field names, transforming, and selectively displaying

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## Installation

pip install pez

## Example

import pez
import json

# Your internal object e.g. a model
class Internal(object):
field1 = 123

field2 = 1
field3 = 2

# How you want to expose the model to the world
class InternalView(pez.FieldMapping):
# pez.Field echos the object as it is.
field1 = pez.Field()

# A static method such as this can allow you to customize the data
# returned.
def calculated_field(ctx, o):
return o.field2 + o.field3

# create an instance of the serialize and map views to models via the
# register method
pre_serialize = pez.Serializer()
pre_serialize.register(Internal, InternalView())

# calling our serializer with an instance of a class will return a
# serializable object (e.g. a dictionary)

See `./examples/` for more examples including how to use with an ORM, how to
use with Flask, and other more advanced use cases.

## Why

PEZ allows you to separate the internal representation of data from your
external view. This is handy for all sorts of scenarios:

* Renaming internal fields without breaking external interfaces
* Hiding or transforming internal data when exposing it
* Adding information to views that doesn't belong in your data models, e.g. URL information

## Contributing

1. Fork it
2. Create your feature branch (`git checkout -b my-new-feature`)
3. Write your code **and unit tests**
4. Ensure all tests still pass (`nosetests`)
5. [PEP8]( your code
6. Commit your changes (`git commit -am 'Add some feature'`)
7. Push to the branch (`git push origin my-new-feature`)
8. Create new pull request

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