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pfSense config backup tool

Project description



Simple utility for backing up pfSense configuration which uses web admin interface.


Create backup user account

It is recommended to create a dedicated user account with limited permissions for backup purposes. This user should have "WebCfg - Diagnostics: Backup & Restore" permission. Please check pfSense documentation if you are not sure how to do this.

Installation form PyPI:

pip3 install pfbackup


You can download the image from Docker Hub:

docker pull mharjac/pfbackup

Or build it on your own:

docker build -t pfbackup

Create a volume for storing backups:

docker volume create pfbackup-firewall-1

Create a container:

docker run -d --name=pfbackup-firewall-1 -e PF_URL="" -e PF_USER="backusr" -e PF_PASS="somesuperstrongpassword" -e PF_CERT_VERIFY="true" --mount=src=pfbackup-firewall-1,dst=/backup pfbackup:latest

And finally, for unattended regular backups, create a cron job which will execute:

docker start pfbackup-firewall-1

Install from Snap Store

snap install pfbackup


It can be used as an interactive tool from CLI:

pfbackup -U -u user1 -p passw0rd -f ./backup.xml

When used in CLI, it will prompt for password if -p (--password) flag is not provided. Also, without -f (--file) flag, config will be printed to the stdout.

It can also be used for unattended backups (e.g., in containers), in which case, it requires following environment variables:

  • PF_URL: for storing web admin URL (e.g.,
  • PF_USER: username for making backups
  • PF_PASS: password for provided username
  • PF_CERT_VERIFY: set to False if self-signed certificate in use
export PF_URL="" PF_USER="user1" PF_PASS="passw0rd" PF_CERT_VERIFY="True"

When executed in unattended mode, configuration backup will be saved in execution directory as config-{time_stamp}.xml.

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