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Path and File DICOM

Project description


This repository provides pfdcm – a controlling service that speaks to a PACS and handles DICOM data management.


Most simply, pfdcm provides a REST-type interface to querying a PACS as well as managing DICOM data received from a PACS. The REST interface is conformant to the somewhat colloquial pf-* dialects that are spoken by various entities of the ChRIS family of services. Thus, there are JSON specified directives that follow a very specific pattern of syntax.


Since the system requires the installation of some system-level companion services, the recommend vector is via the docker mechanism.

Using the fnndsc/pfdcm dock

docker pull fnndsc/pfdcm

and then run

docker run --name pfdcm     \
            -v /home:/Users \
            --rm -ti        \
            fnndsc/pfdcm    \
            --forever --httpResponse


Command line arguments

    --msg '<JSON_formatted>'
    The action to perform.

    [--type <storageBackendType>]
    The type of object storage. Currently this is 'swift'.

    [--ipSwift <swiftIP>]
    The IP interface of the object storage service. Default 'localhost'.

    [--portSwift <swiftPort>]
    The port of the object storage service. Defaults to '8080'.

    [--ipSelf <selfIP>]
    The IP interface of the pfstorage service for server mode.
    Default 'localhost'.

    [--portSelf <selfPort>]
    The port of the pfstorage service for server mode.
    Defaults to '4055'.

    Send return strings to client caller as HTTP formatted replies
    with content-type html.

    [--configFileLoad <file>]
    Load configuration information from the JSON formatted <file>.

    [--configFileSave <file>]
    Save configuration information to the JSON formatted <file>.

    Provide an overview help page.

    Provide a synopsis help summary.

    Print internal version number and exit.

    [--debugToDir <dir>]
    A directory to contain various debugging output -- these are typically
    JSON object strings capturing internal state. If empty string (default)
    then no debugging outputs are captured/generated. If specified, then
    ``pfcon`` will check for dir existence and attempt to create if

    [-v|--verbosity <level>]
    Set the verbosity level. "0" typically means no/minimal output. Allows for
    more fine tuned output control as opposed to '--quiet' that effectively
    silences everything.

    [--setPACS <JSONstring>]
    As part of the initialization of the system, set some information pertaining
    to a PACS. For example,

     --setPACS \\
                "orthanc" : {
                    "server_ip": "%HOST_IP",
                    "aet": "CHIPS",
                    "aet_listener": "CHIPS",
                    "aec": "ORTHANC",
                    "server_port": "4242"


pfstorage                                               \
    --ipSwift localhost                                 \
    --portSwift 8080                                    \
    --ipSelf localhost                                  \
    --portSelf 4055                                     \
    --httpResponse                                      \
    --verbosity 1                                       \
    --debugToDir /tmp                                   \
    --type swift                                        \
    --server                                            \

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