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Interacting with gimp in python3.

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Interacting with gimp in python3.

Use Cases:

  • Autocompletion for writing gimp scripts.
  • Batch creation or update of gimp files or data extraction from gimp files.
  • Workflows where machine learning data has to be annotated. Raw data can be converted to gimp files where the annotation process can happen (gimp's thresholding tools etc. make it easy to do annotation for pixelwise segmentation). After the masks are created, they can be converted back to e.g. numpy files.

Read the documentation for details on what pgimp can do for you and how it is achieved. Every single public method comes with a short working example!

Skeletons for autocompleting gimp scripts

On setup, the GimpDocumentationGenerator will generate python skeletons for the methods that gimp exposes to the interpreter through the procedural database (pdb). This enables autocompletion in your IDE.

Run a python script within gimp

Running python code within gimp is performed by the GimpScriptRunner. Have a look at the corresponding test GimpScriptRunnerTest to see how this works.

You may import convenience functions from pgimp.gimp in your gimp python scripts. See pgimp.GimpScriptRunnerTest.test_import_from_pgimp_library.


The package manager pip and the python packages setuptools and psutil are required in order to install the package. As gimp uses a python2 interpreter, the pip packages numpy and typing for python2 need to be installed.

Operating system dependent infos


On Linux, install the gimp package, e.g. sudo apt-get install gimp for Debian/Ubuntu. In order to run headless, install xfvb, e.g. sudo apt-get install xvfb.

Mac OS

Install gimp from or via homebrew.


Windows is not supported.

Using pip

pip3 install pgimp

Using conda

Using a conda environment.yml file:

  - defaults
  - python=<3.6+>
  - pip:
    - pgimp

From github

Using pip:

pip3 install git+

Using a conda environment.yml file:

  - defaults
  - python=<3.6+>
  - pip:
    - "git+"


Install using symlink to checked out code (for development):

pip3 install -e .

Contributing and Publishing



This project is licensed under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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