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Keep your photos in sync with Flickr

Project description

image_pypi passing quality

Photo Keeper is a small script that I wrote to address the demise of my Eye-Fi Wifi SD card. This script will take a source directory (say the contents of a flash card from a camera), scan all the image/video file EXIFs, and sort them into date-based folders in a user-specified directory. It will optionally only copy files that have not already been copied (deduplication per folder). Photo Keeper can also upload all the files to Flickr into the same date-based album structure, also taking care not to duplicate files.

At some point, I intend to integrate this with the FlashAir series of cards for auto-uploads directly from the camera, but that is still a work in progress.


  • Sort image files (JPEG/TIFF) and video files into date-based folders (currently only YYYY-MM-DD format supported)

  • Upload images and videos to Flickr into date-based albums

  • Avoid duplication of files based on photo taken time, size, and filename


Examine files

Examine the files in a given source directory (no changes or copying):

photokeeper SRC_DIR examine

Results in:

Examining 482 files in /source
100%|██████████████████████████████████████▉| 481/482 [00:08<00:00, 59.88file/s]
Found images from 14 days
{   '2016-06-24': 5,
        '2016-07-02': 30,
        '2016-07-03': 12,
        '2016-07-04': 32,
        '2016-07-05': 3,
        '2016-07-21': 1,
        '2016-08-02': 20,
        '2016-08-05': 51,
        '2016-09-30': 13,
        '2016-10-09': 131,
        '2016-10-10': 46,
        '2016-10-29': 91,
        '2016-10-31': 45,
        '2016-11-06': 1}
Total images: 481

Copy files to a directory

Copy the files in a given source directory to a target directory with no duplication:

photokeeper SRC_DIR TGT_DIR dedupe file

Upload files to Flickr

First, go to Flickr and get a private key at

Then, create a directory from where you will start photokeeper, and create a file called flickr_api.yaml:


Now, use the following command:

photokeeper SRC_DIR TGT_DIR dedupe flickr

Full help

Usage: [options] SOURCE_DIR examine [options] SOURCE_DIR TARGET_DIR [dedupe] file [options] SOURCE_DIR [dedupe] flickr [options] SOURCE_DIR TARGET_DIR [dedupe] file flickr [options] SOURCE_DIR TARGET_DIR all --conf=FILE -h

        SOURCE_DIR  Source directory of photos
        TARGET_DIR  Where to copy the image files
        all         Run all steps in the flow (examine,dedupe,flickr,file)
        examine    Examine EXIF tags
        dedupe     Only select files not already present in target directory
        flickr     Upload to flickr
        file       Copy files

        -h --help        show this message
        -v --verbose     show more information
        -d --debug       show even more information
        --conf=FILE      load options from file


PhotoKeeper is currently only tested and provided for Python 3.5. I have no plans to backport this to Python 2.x as I am shifting all my new development to 3.x exclusively.


The software is distributed on an “AS IS” BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.

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photokeeper-0.1.3.tar.gz (16.3 kB view hashes)

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