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Concat photos together in a matrix

Project description


Simple command-line application which concatenates a list of photos into a single photo showing them in a matrix (in other words, a grid).


First of all, you need Python 3.7 or greater installed in your system.

Then, as photomatrix is a command line application, open a terminal and be ready to type commands.

Install automatically with pip

photomatrix is available from the Python Package Index (PyPI), so installable with pip:

pip3 install photomatrix

You should now have photomatrix available in your shell. For example, print the command help:

photomatrix -h

Build locally

Alternatively, you can build locally from source code. First, clone this project from Github.

Cd into the root folder.

Create a virtual environment (e.g. named my_env) and activate it:

python3 -m venv my_venv
source my_venv/bin/activate

Install the dev dependencies and the app dependencies into the virtual environment:

pip3 install -r requirements_dev.txt
pip3 install -e .

Run like this:

python3 -m photomatrix -h


The basic usage is:


where all the images found in the specified input path will be loaded, sorted, combined in a matrix and the result will be written in the specified output path.

Further options that you can customize are:

  • Number of rows vs columns
  • Resize and crop
  • Sorting
  • Border
  • Text to print (e.g. filename or Exif original date)

See the command help (with -h) for more info on these options.


The following examples use these test input images:

up to

Matrix with border

To build a matrix with a simple border:

photomatrix "data/input/*.jpg" data/output/matrix_border.jpg --border-width-ratio 0.1

resulting in:

Matrix sorted and with text

To build a matrix with inverse filename order, printing the filename in top center position:

photomatrix "data/input/*.jpg" data/output/matrix_sort_text.jpg --sort filename_desc --text-type filename --text-position top_center

resulting in:

Integration Tests

Run the integration tests with:

python3 -m pytest tests/integration

Project details

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Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

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photomatrix-0.0.5.tar.gz (7.3 kB view hashes)

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