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A server for interacting with LIFX lights over the LAN

Project description


This project has been deprecated in favour of

Photons Interactor

A Photons powered server for interacting with LIFX lights over the lan.

The server allows us to do continuous discovery and information gathering so that all commands are super fast.

You can find documentation at

Installation and use

Make sure you have a version of python greater than python3.6 and do:

$ python -m venv .interactor
$ source .interactor/bin/activate
$ pip install photons-interactor
$ photons-interactor serve
# go to http://localhost:6100

Running from a docker container

If you’re not on a mac and want to run via a docker container, you can say:

$ docker run --name=photons \
    --detach \
    --restart=always \
    --net=host \
    -e TZ=Australia/Melbourne \

Replace Australia/Melbourne with the correct TZ database name for your timezone.

If you want custom options then I suggest having a folder that looks like:


Where the docker file says:

FROM delfick/photons-interactor:0.6.2
ADD interactor.yml /project/interactor.yml

Then run:

$ cd custominteractor
$ docker build . -t custominteractor

# Run the docker command mentioned above but say "custominteractor"
# instead of "delfick/photons-interactor:0.6.2"

Also, with many thanks to @Djelibeybi this docker image will work on many architectures, including a Raspberry Pi!

Running from the code

You can find the code at

Once you’ve checked it out you can start the server by installing python3.6 or above and running:

$ pip3 install venvstarter
$ ./interact server

You can also find a handy script for running commands against the server in this repository called command.

For example:

$ ./command query '{"pkt_type": "GetColor"}'
    "results": {
        "d073d5001337": {
            "payload": {
                "brightness": 1.0,
                "hue": 0.0,
                "kelvin": 3500,
                "label": "",
                "power": 65535,
                "saturation": 0.0
            "pkt_name": "LightState",
            "pkt_type": 107

The License

This work is licensed under NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0). The ‘LIFX Colour Wheel’ patented design as intellectual property is used in this repository.

LIFX has granted permission to use the ‘LIFX Colour Wheel’ design conditional on use of the (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license.

Commercial use the ‘LIFX Colour Wheel’ requires written consent from LIFX. Submit enquiries to


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