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Refactor HTML in Python

Project description

phtml is a silly python library to generate HTML in Python like you would with a template, but refactor-oriented with a Pythonic React-like pattern based on nested components.

Component base

The base component class is Node:

from phtml import Node

form_layout = Node(
    'form',                     # node.tag
    {                           # node.attrs
        'class': 'foo',         # node.attrs['class']
        'method': 'POST',       # node.attrs['method']
    [                           # node.children
        '{{ form.as_p() }}',    # node.children[0]
        Node('input', {'type': 'submit'}, selfclose=True),

Casting form_layout to string will return the following:

<form class="foo" method="POST">
    {{ form.as_p() }}
    <input type="submit" />


While calling phtml.jinja.render(form_layout, form=YourForm()) will return the phtml output processed with form in the context and produce the final result.

The whole purpose is refactoring HTML generating logic into Python components:

from phtml import Form, Submit

form_layout = Form(
    {'class': 'foo'},
    ['{{ form.as_p() }}', Submit())],

Importing on the fly

from phtml import Node

form_layout = Node.factory(
    'phtml.Form', {'class': 'foo'},
    ['{{ form.as_p() }}', Node('phtml.Submit')],

Jinja and Materialize for the poor

Suppose you want to make a nice layout for the login form, please don’t repeat boring and verbose code like this because somewhere in the world a cat would probably die because of a side effect in an alternate reality or something:

from phtml import Form, Div

your_layout = Form(
    Div({'class': 'row'}, [
        Div({'class': 'col m6 s12'}, ['{{ form["username"] }}']),
        Div({'class': 'col m6 s12'}, ['{{ form["password"] }}']),

Refactored components for the rich

Instead make a beautiful layout with reusable components:

from phtml.django.mdc import Form, Row, Col, Input

class YourLoginForm(forms.LoginForm):
    _phtml = Form(
            Col(m=6, s=12, Input('username')),
            Col(m=6, s=12, Input('password')),

Silly and Stupid context based rendering

You could render as such in jinja (or in Python without the curly braces): {{ form._phtml.jinja(form) }}, since all rendering logic should already be in phtml.

Thank you

Thanks a lot for reading. Hope this will serve as a useful example for anybody on a mission to “refactor HTML in Python”.

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