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A collection of classes that can be used to build acoustic sources from the NOISEFILE format. It also contains classes to read the binary representations born from the author's dissertation

Project description

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This is a collection of classes meant to provide access to acoustic source levels that were contained within the initial release of the Counter Listener Acoustic Warfare Software (CLAWS). But with the changes to the releasibility of the code and data from CLAWS, a number of classes were removed from the distribution.


The NOISEFILE representation of the various aircraft is retained, since these source descriptions are deemed unclassified and publically available through the various community noise releases. These data come as the static, ground-based measurements that define the semicircular data from the nose to the tail, on the left side of the aircraft. The second set of data exists within the flight database. This data is a collection of single spectra that were integrated as the loudest portion of the over-flight data. As such, it provides an over-estimate at the majority of the locations around the aircraft.

These datasets exist in a single library file, that can be loaded and then searched for the specific aircraft/power setting combination that is desired. Each element within the library exists as its own class that can be extracted and then saved externally as another file. These files can then be loaded without consideration for the remainder of the acoustic data.

Usage - Loading Flight NOISEFILE data extracted from the library previously

filename = str(Path(__file__).parents[3]) + "/_test data/physical_sources/acoustic_source/approach"
nfas = NoiseFileAcousticSource(filename)
s = SphericalCoordinate()

spl1 = nfas._sound_pressure_levels
spl2 = nfas.sound_pressure_level(s)



  • Creation of the package
  • Added functions for the plotting of the surface
  • Moved functions for calculating the harmonic series expansion from separate classes to functions in the harmonic series representation


  • Updated the class for reading the EEG data to obtain a Waveform object from the selected channel within the listing
  • Refactored the HarmonicSeries class to inherit from the ISphereSource interface.


  • Removed the EEG structure from the physical sources as many of the information that we are interested in exploring exists within MNE.
  • Increased version

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