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Use your computer keyboard as a "piano"

Project description


This library lets you to play your computer keyboard like a piano. Here is a video of it in action on a French azerty keyboard.


Pianoputer only works in python3 so make sure you are using python3

pip install pianoputer

After a few seconds, the below image will appear in a window, indicating that the program is ready. The cyan key is the key that the sample wav file is assigned to. By default this is c4, the piano middle C at 261.6 hz All white and black keys are transposed up and down from the anchor cyan key.

qwerty keyboard layout, c4 is cyan

Changing the sound file

You can provide your own sound file with

pianoputer --wav my_sound_file.wav

For example:

pianoputer -w audio_files/bowl_c6.wav

All white and black keys are transposed up and down from the anchor cyan key.

Changing the keyboard layout

Note that the default keyboard configuration (stored in file keyboards/qwerty_piano.txt) is for the most commonly used QWERTY keyboards. You can change the configuration so that it matches your keyboard, for instance using the alternative keyboards/azerty_typewriter.txt:

pianoputer -k keyboards/azerty_typewriter.txt

azerty typewriter These .txt files simply contain a sequence of key names and are easy to edit. For convenience this repository also provides a program:


This will let you press the keys in the order that you want, and create a new keyboard configuration file, by default my_keyboard.kb (just follow the instructions). You can then use the custom keyboard file with the --keyboard argument

Local Installation

python3 -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate
# if you want to edit the program and have pianoputer use your edits
pip install -e .
# to install pianoputer separately in your virtual environment
pip install .



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