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Pick an option in the terminal with a simple GUI

Project description


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pick is a small python library to help you create curses based interactive selection list in the terminal.

Basic Multiselect


$ pip install pick


pick comes with a simple api:

>>> from pick import pick

>>> title = 'Please choose your favorite programming language: '
>>> options = ['Java', 'JavaScript', 'Python', 'PHP', 'C++', 'Erlang', 'Haskell']
>>> option, index = pick(options, title)
>>> print(option)
>>> print(index)


>>> C++
>>> 4

pick multiselect example:

>>> from pick import pick

>>> title = 'Please choose your favorite programming language (press SPACE to mark, ENTER to continue): '
>>> options = ['Java', 'JavaScript', 'Python', 'PHP', 'C++', 'Erlang', 'Haskell']
>>> selected = pick(options, title, multiselect=True, min_selection_count=1)
>>> print(selected)


>>> [('Java', 0), ('C++', 4)]


  • options: a list of options to choose from
  • title: (optional) a title above options list
  • indicator: (optional) custom the selection indicator, defaults to *
  • default_index: (optional) set this if the default selected option is not the first one
  • multiselect: (optional), if set to True its possible to select multiple items by hitting SPACE
  • min_selection_count: (optional) for multi select feature to dictate a minimum of selected items before continuing
  • screen: (optional), if you are using pick within an existing curses application set this to your existing screen object. It is assumed this has initialised in the standard way (e.g. via curses.wrapper(), or curses.noecho(); curses.cbreak(); screen.kepad(True))

Community Projects

pickpack: A fork of pick to select tree data.

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