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A multi format lossless image optimizer that uses external tools

Project description


A multi-format, recursive, multiprocessor aware, command line lossless image optimizer utility that uses external tools to do the optimizing.

Picopt depends on Python PIL to identify files and Python rarfile to open CBRs.

The actual image optimization is accomplished by external programs.

To optimize JPEG images. Picopt needs one of mozjpeg or jpegtran on the path. in order of preference.

To optimize lossless images like PNG, PNM, GIF, and BMP, picopt requires either optipng or pngout be on the path. Optipng provides the most advantage, but best results are acheived by using pngout as well.

Animated GIFs are optimized with gifsicle if it is available. Picopt nag you to convert your file to HTML5 video, but does not provide this service itself.

Picopt uncompresses, optimizes and rezips comic book archive files. Be aware that CBR rar archives will be rezipped into CBZs instead of CBR. Comic book archive optimization is not turned on by default to prevent surprises.

Picopt allows you to drop picopt timestamps at the root of your recursive optimization trees so you don't have to remember which files to optimize or when you last optimized them.


Lossless external program packages


brew install optipng mozjpeg gifsicle
ln -s /usr/local/Cellar/mozjpeg/3.1/bin/jpegtran /usr/local/bin/mozjpeg
brew install jonof/kenutils/pngout

Debian / Ubuntu

apt-get install optipng gifsicle python-imaging

if you don't want to install mozjpeg using the instructions below then use jpegtran:

apt-get install libjpeg-progs

Redhat / Fedora

yum install optipng gifsicle python-imaging

if you don't want to install mozjpeg using the instructions below then use jpegtran:

yum install libjpeg-progs


mozjpeg offers better compression than libjpeg-progs' jpegtran. As of Jan 2020 it may or may not be packaged for your *nix, but even when it is, picopt requires that its separately compiled version of jpegtran be symlinked to 'mozjpeg' somewhere in the path. This installation example is for OS X:

ln -s /usr/local/Cellar/mozjpeg/3.3/bin/jpegtran /usr/local/bin/mozjpeg

You may find Linux instructions on Andrew Welch's blog


pngout is a useful compression to use after optipng. It is not packaged for linux, but you may find the latest binary version on JonoF's site. Picopt looks for the binary to be called pngout

Picopt python package

pip install picopt


Optimize all JPEG files in a dirctory:

picopt *.jpg

Optimize all files and recurse directories:

picopt -r *

Optimize files and recurse directories AND optimize comic book archives:

picopt -rc *

Optimize files, but not lossless files:

picopt -OPG *

Optimize files, but not jpegs:

picopt -JT *

Optimize files, but not animated gifs:

picopt -G *

Just list files would try to optimize:

picopt -l *

Optimize everything in my iPhoto library, but only after the last time i did this, skipping symlinks to avoid massive amounts of duplicate work. Don't convert lossless files to PNGs because that would confuse iPhoto. Also drop a timestamp file so I don't have to remember the last time I did this:

picopt -rSYt -D '2013 June 1 14:00' 'Pictures/iPhoto Library'


Picopt automatically uses timestamp files if it detects them in or above the current directory tree. A situation can arise with comic archives where the comic archive itself is newer than the timestamp file so it is processed, but the files inside the archive are older than the timestamp file so they are not. Currently the workaround is to move the comic archive outside of the current tree into a temporary directory and process it there.

Packaged For


imagemin looks to be an all in one cli and gui solution with bundled libraries, so no awkward dependancies. Imageoptim is an all-in-one OS X GUI image optimizer. Imageoptim command line usage is possible with an external program.

The Future

Maybe someday everyone will just use AVIF and AV1 for everything and these sorts of tools will be obsolete. Or if Apple decides to support WebP it could happen even sooner.

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