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Pidfile featuring stale detection and file-locking, can also be used as context-manager or decorator

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PidFile class featuring:

  • stale detection

  • pidfile locking (fcntl)

  • chmod (default is 0o644)

  • chown

  • custom exceptions

Context Manager

PidFile can be used as a context manager:

from pid import PidFile

with PidFile():


PidFile can also be used a a decorator:

from pid.decorator import pidfile

def main():

if __name__ == "__main__":

Exception Order

In default mode PidFile will try to acquire a file lock before anything else. This means that normally you get a PidFileAlreadyLockedError instead of the PidFileAlreadyRunningError when running a program twice.

If you just want to know if a program is already running its easiest to catch just PidFileError since it will capture all possible PidFile exceptions.


Changes in version 2.0.0 and going forward:

  • pid is now friendly with daemon context managers such as python-daemon where the PidFile context manager is passed as a parameter. The new corrected behaviour will ensure the process environment is determinde at the time of acquiring/checking the lock. Prior behaviour would determine the process environment when instancing the class which may result in incorrect determination of the PID in the case of a process forking after instancing PidFile.

  • Cleanup of pidfile on termination is done using atexit module. The default SIGTERM handler doesn’t cleanly exit and therefore the atexit registered functions will not execute. A custom handler which triggers the atexit registered functions for cleanup will override the default SIGTERM handler. If a prior signal handler has been configured, then it will not be overridden.

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