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Yet another static blog generator.

Project description



Yet another static website generator.

Why choose pidgeotto?

  1. Free of javascript.
  2. Extensible, flexible, forkable.
  3. Minimal and fast.
  4. Free under MIT License.


pip install pidgeotto

$ pip install git+


By default, pidgeotto will install the below packages from PyPI pip pyyaml, jinja2, markdown2

  • PyYAML: To consume the config file and header of blog posts.
  • jinja2: Templating engine
  • markdown2: To convert markdown to HTML


$ pidgey init project

To initiate pidgeotto with name "project"

$ pidgey new pageName

To create new page/post/note with name "pageName"

$ pidgey build pageName

To build static pages and keep those in the "public" directory.

Extra Functionalaties

  1. showInHome tag is present in each note markdown. showInHome: True will create page which are blog/note post.

     ``` showInHome: False ``` 
     will create page which are pages.
  2. config.yml is extensible. For example, if you want to add favicon.ico. Keep favicon in the resource folder. favicon: resource/favicon.ico in config.yml In template, add {{ config.get('favicon') }}.

  3. Extra metadata per page. If you want to add some metadata to your page, it can be done using the below command on the markdown page. meta : '<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/extra.css" />


├── public
├── config.yml
├── content
│   ├──
│   ├──
│   ├──
│   ├──
│   └── note
│       └──
├── resource
└── templates
    ├── home_template.html
    ├── note_template.html
    └── rss_template.xml
  • config.yml: To configure the title, name, CSS file, js file, and other configurations.
  • resource: Location to store all CSS, js, image data and other static content.
  • content: All markdown files are stored here.
  • template: Layouts for different HTML pages are kept here.
  • public: All generated static files. It can be changed in config.yml


Below are examples of sites running via pidgeotto.



  • (A) 08-05-2021 Clean up some clutter coding



  • Server Functionality added
  • Automatic .md extension
  • Error/Exception handled


  • Cleanup


  • Windows support added

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