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Export pihole metrics for prometheus

Project description

A prometheus exporter for PiHole written in Python 3.

Grafana Dashboard See grafana_dashboard.json

License: MIT Codacy Badge Docker Automated build


Available metrics

  • Queries forwarded (24h)
  • Domains being blocked
  • Ads percentage today
  • Ads blocked today
  • DNS queries today
  • Total clients
  • Unique clients
  • Queries cached
  • Unique Domains
  • Top Queries
  • Top Ads
  • Top clients
  • Forward destinations
  • Query type
  • Reply type
  • DNS queries by host

Metrics Example

Some metrics have been redacted.

pihole_exporter_version 0.1
pihole_domains_being_blocked 573713
pihole_dns_queries_today 13961
pihole_ads_blocked_today 3443
pihole_ads_percentage_today 24.661556
pihole_unique_domains 983
pihole_queries_forwarded 4346
pihole_queries_cached 3288
pihole_clients_ever_seen 9
pihole_unique_clients 5
pihole_dns_queries_all_types 13974
pihole_reply_nodata 34
pihole_reply_nxdomain 0
pihole_reply_cname 37
pihole_reply_ip 88
pihole_status 1
pihole_gravity_last_updated 1533820315
pihole_top_queries{domain=""} 321
pihole_top_queries{domain=""} 292
pihole_top_queries{domain=""} 165
pihole_top_queries{domain=""} 145
pihole_top_queries{domain=""} 124
pihole_top_queries{domain=""} 112
pihole_top_queries{domain=""} 112
pihole_top_queries{domain=""} 98
pihole_top_queries{domain=""} 72
pihole_top_ads{domain=""} 872
pihole_top_ads{domain=""} 169
pihole_top_ads{domain=""} 147
pihole_top_ads{domain=""} 133
pihole_top_ads{domain=""} 114
pihole_top_ads{domain=""} 89
pihole_top_ads{domain=""} 88
pihole_top_ads{domain=""} 75
pihole_top_ads{domain=""} 73
pihole_top_ads{domain=""} 71
pihole_top_sources{client=""} 2833
pihole_top_sources{client=""} 2799
pihole_top_sources{client=""} 1045
pihole_top_sources{client=""} 332
pihole_top_sources{client=""} 277
pihole_forward_destinations{resolver="blocklist|blocklist"} 31.08
pihole_forward_destinations{resolver="cache|cache"} 29.68
pihole_forward_destinations{resolver="|"} 39.23
pihole_query_type{type="A (IPv4)"} 76.53
pihole_query_type{type="AAAA (IPv6)"} 23.38
pihole_query_type{type="ANY"} 0
pihole_query_type{type="SRV"} 0
pihole_query_type{type="SOA"} 0
pihole_query_type{type="PTR"} 0.09
pihole_query_type{type="TXT"} 0




pip3 install --upgrade pihole_exporter

github master branch

pip3 install --upgrade git+


git clone
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
cd pihole_exporter



docker pull dr1s/pihole_exporter
docker run --net=host -v /etc/pihole:/etc/pihole -t dr1s/pihole_exporter


git clone
docker build -t dr1s/pihole_exporter .
docker run -d --net=host -v /etc/pihole:/etc/pihole -t dr1s/pihole_exporter


usage: [-h] [-o PIHOLE] [-p PORT] [-i INTERFACE] [-a AUTH]


optional arguments:
-h, --help            show this help message and exit
-o PIHOLE, --pihole PIHOLE
										pihole adress
-p PORT, --port PORT  port pihole_exporter is listening on
								interface pihole_exporter will listen on
-a AUTH, --auth AUTH  Pihole password hash

Usage Example

pihole_exporter --pihole pi.hole --interface --port 9311

The previous used arguements are the default options. If nothing needs to be changed, pihole_exporter can be started without arguments.



If pihole_exporter is installed on the same host as pihole and the auth argument is not set, pihole_exporter will try to read the password from setupVars.conf

Otherwise get the hashed password from setupVars.conf:

$ grep WEBPASSWORD /etc/pihole/setupVars.conf

Use this hash as the argument for --auth

pihole_exporter --auth da1a51f575cd740be233d22548ecac1dbcc96ffa297283a6a204f9213a8aca71
docker run -d --net=host -t dr1s/pihole_exporter --pihole pi.hole --auth da1a51f575cd740be233d22548ecac1dbcc96ffa297283a6a204f9213a8aca71

Prometheus config

- job_name: 'pihole'
  - targets: ['pi.hole:9311']

Project details

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pihole_exporter-0.4.4.tar.gz (5.5 kB view hashes)

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