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A benchmark utility to make requests to a REST API.

Project description


A benchmark utility to make requests to a REST API.

Pine makes requests to URLs a bunch of times and computes some statistics about how those requests were responded to. This is ideally useful to run on every change to your codebase so you can identify changes early.

Pine isn’t a load testing tool. If you’re trying to solve C10K, this won’t help you. Pine (currently) runs requests serially.


Documentation is available at


Under normal circumstances you would just do pip install pine.

However, until PyYAML supports Python 3.7 in a released version, pip needs one extra argument so we can install PyYAML from GitHub:

pip install --process-dependency-links pine and are tracking this issue.


pine -c myconfig.yaml is the simplest way to begin. This will run your configuration and output the results to stdout. If you’d like to write the output to a file, -o myoutputfile.json will do it. If you’d like to specify a particular run ID, other than the default of the current timestamp, -i 32a63ab will do it. That’s useful for tracking the commit hash of what you’re testing.

Run pine -h for complete details.


Pine uses YAML for configuration. See conf/example.yaml for an example.


Pine writes its results in JSON, either to stdout or the path you specified in -o. It looks like the following:

{"results": [
    {"timeouts": 0, "failures": [], "name": "get_all_things",
     "description": "Get all of the things", "version": "1.0",
     "mean": 1.668359371049998,
     "median": 1.580882219500005,
     "stdev": 0.0969358463985873},
    {"timeouts": 0, "failures": [], "name": "get_one_thing",
     "description": "Get one thing", "version": "1.0",
     "mean": 0.856881387399993,
     "median": 0.508042131499991,
     "stdev": 0.0646515285845596},
 "id": "7155eb"}


Pine uses aiohttp on Python 3.7.


Thanks to Francis Horsman for the pine package name.

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