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Decorate Pinyin text with its proper diacritics.

Project description

pinyin-dec (“Pinyin Decorate”) is a small command-line utility program for converting numbered Pinyin text to its proper form with diacritics. The basic form is the following:

Usage: pinyin-dec [options] [string ...]

Decorate Pinyin text with its proper diacritics.

  -h, --help       print this help message and exit
  -v, --verbose    include information useful for debugging

A simple way to use it is like this:

$ pinyin-dec han4 yu3 pin1 yin1
hàn yǔ pīn yīn

Another example:

$ pinyin-dec chai2 mi3 you2 yan2 jiang4 cu4 cha2
chái mǐ yóu yán jiàng cù chá

It can also handle capitalized and conjoined Pinyin automatically:

$ pinyin-dec Han4yu3 Pin1yin1
Hànyǔ Pīnyīn

It knows about the “v” and “u:” conventions, and converts them accordingly:

$ pinyin-dec NV3 nv3 NU:3 nu:3 LV4 lv4 LU:4 lu:4
NǙ nǚ NǙ nǚ LǛ lǜ LǛ lǜ

It ignores English words and other things that don’t look like Pinyin:

$ pinyin-dec "She is a nv3han4zi."
She is a nǚhànzi.

It leaves punctuation alone too, as you can see:

$ pinyin-dec 'Confucius is "Kong3fu1zi3." Mencius is "Meng4zi3."'
Confucius is "Kǒngfūzǐ." Mencius is "Mèngzǐ."

If no arguments are given, it just reads text from the standard input:

$ echo 'Sha1 ji1 xia4 hou2.' | pinyin-dec
Shā jī xià hóu.

It also allows you to enter text and get the results one line at a time:

$ pinyin-dec
chi1 bu4 dao4 pu2 tao5 shuo1 pu2 tao5 suan1
chī bù dào pú tao shuō pú tao suān

pinyin-dec is written as a traditional Unix-style command-line utility. Additionally, the main program module can be fully imported into Python so its internals are accessible to other programs.

pinyin-dec is written in Python 3 and available under the MIT License.


To install these programs the “Python way,” you can use

# python3 install

If you have pip installed, that is the best way.


pinyin-dec includes a Unix manual page (“manpage”), which is installed with the software. You can type “man pinyin-dec” to review the functions provided by the software, how to use it, and other program information.

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