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provides an unauthenticated plain HTTP proxy so pip can install packages from S3

Project description

Pip S3 Proxy

An HTTP frontend for public and private S3 buckets so that pip can install packages from S3.

It's based on and supports many of the same features. Thank you rhelmer!

It works by wrapping pip. You run 'pipsss' instead of 'pip' - pipsss starts a web server in the background and then passes your CLI parameters to pip. At the moment you need to add an extra-index-url to the command line but in the future we might have pipsss add that itself.


  python install
  (set up your s3 credentials however you like to do that)
  pipsss install --extra-index-url http://localhost:8000/my-pypi-bucket my-private-package

You can still use the web server in a standalone mode. It works like caching-s3-proxy.


  python install
  (set up your s3 credentials however you like to do that)
  pip-s3-proxy &
  curl localhost:8000/my_bucket/v1/my_file.txt

If you want to listen on a different port, just set the PORT variable:

  PORT=9999 pip-s3-proxy

Alternatively, you can run under uwsgi. It's safe to use multiple workers processes (the shared file cache uses file locking to allow concurrency):

  uwsgi -w proxy.wsgi --http=localhost:8000 --workers=10

If you want to put this behind Nginx or Apache, use a socket instead:

  uwsgi -w proxy.wsgi -s /var/run/pip-s3-proxy.sock --workers=10

Then see or

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