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Provides single-sign on functionality between a django.contrib.auth based site and Zendesk

Project description

Django Zendesk

django_zendesk provides single-sign on functionality between a django.contrib.auth based site and Zendesk. Other authentication systems are compatible as long as they implement the @login_required decorator. This differs from the other implementations in that it exposes out company, external_id, tags, etc.


This fork provides for changes specifically for Pivotal Energy Solutions


django_zendesk needs two variables to be implemented:

  • ZENDESK_URL : The URL of your support page, will either be on or your own domain (via a CNAME record)
  • ZENDESK_TOKEN : The authentication token token you receive from Zendesk when setting up remote authentication

The only other code setup required is pointing a URL at the django_zendesk.views.authorize method, it will look something like:

(r'zendesk/$', 'django_zendesk.views.authorize')

Zendesk itself needs a bit of setup, including the URL we just set up above and a log-out URL which already should be implemented somewhere in your site.

Zendesk's documentation for remote authentication is here :

If you're running the tests, make sure to set the TEST_DATABASE_CHARSET setting so that test databases are created to be utf8 compatible.


Initial idea by Jon Gales with improvements by Alexander Ljungberg.

See initial idea/blog post [here][intial_idea] and here

Build Process:

  1. Update the __version_info__ inside of the application. Commit and push.
  2. Tag the release with the version. git tag <version> -m "Release"; git push --tags
  3. Build the release rm -rf dist build *egg-info; python sdist bdist_wheel
  4. Upload the data twine upload dist/*

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