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A tool to download pixiv pictures

Project description


pixiv image crawler


How to install

pip install pixiv_crawler

To pass the captcha in login, we use selenium+phantomjs. So you need to install selenium and phantomjs (or chrome/firefox with headless model).


Download image by

  • ranklist such as dailyrank
  • tags
  • illustrator's illustration list
  • your bookmark list
  • DIY urls

or random a image by

  • ranklist
  • tags

How to use


import pixiv_crawler as pc

pc.set_value('username','your account name')
pc.set_value('password','your account password')
# pc.set_value('socks','')
# pc.set_value("local_save_root","./%y.%m.%d")
# pc.set_value("cookies_file","./cookies.txt") # cookies in json format
# pc.set_value("garage_file","./garage.txt")
pc.set_value("phantomjs","/usr/local/bin/phantomjs") # for simulating log in process. the path will be (bala...)/phantomjs.exe on Windows

pc.dl_tag('azur lane',20)


  • it can download images by 8 threads(the maxnumber of threads can be adjusted) to accelerate the progress
  • in most case it download the first picture of a manga type illustration, but in the illustrator's illustration list it will download the full manga(of course you can adjust the condition to decide when to download full)
  • it can login with your account automatically with your account name and password
  • after once login it will save cookies to local to avoid login each time
  • it can save a garage file as a list of the image id you have downloaded to avoid download images repeatedly(because some ranklist doesn't change a lot next day)
  • it can also synchronize your garage file with your remote server(if you have) to make sure not download repeatedly on your different computers
  • for illustrator's illustration list, artist id must be provided, if set artist name as "?" then it will be found on the website, if set download page number as -1, then it will download all pages from this artist.
  • for some reasons, you know, it need proxies to visit in some area, so you can set proxies in the
  • contains most configs so you needn't to edit the code source file.

Function List

login (save_cookies=True)
set_value (value_name,value)
get_value (value_name,value)
save_garage (garage_file = None)
dl_tag (tag,pic_num,deep_into_manga=False,add_classname_in_path=True)
dl_artist (artist_id,pic_num,deep_into_manga=True,add_classname_in_path=True)
dl_bookmark (pic_num,deep_into_manga=True,add_classname_in_path=True)
dl_rank_global (pic_num,deep_into_manga=False,add_classname_in_path=True)
dl_rank_daily (pic_num,deep_into_manga=False,add_classname_in_path=True)
dl_rank_weekly (pic_num,deep_into_manga=False,add_classname_in_path=True)
dl_rank_original (pic_num,deep_into_manga=False,add_classname_in_path=True)
dl_diy_urls (urls,pic_num,deep_into_manga=False,add_classname_in_path=True)
random_one_by_classfi (classi,label="")

Attribute List

socks: set None if not use


  1. If the log in process failed (because of reCAPTCHA), you can copy your cookies from your browser into cookies.txt in json format. Then the pixiv_crawler will log in with cookies.

Project details

Download files

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pixiv_crawler-0.1.2.tar.gz (11.9 kB view hashes)

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pixiv_crawler-0.1.2-py3-none-any.whl (12.2 kB view hashes)

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